Title: Declaration Rear Admiral David Woods, 4 Nov 11

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITEDSTATESOF AMERICAProsecution Response to DefenseMotion to Compel DepositionsManning, Bradley E.PFCU.S.Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,JointBaseMyerHendersonHallFortMyer,Virginia 22211Enclosure 108March2012FOROFFICIALUSEONLYDECLARATION1, Rear Admiral David ^oods, declare and state:BACKGROUNDlamaRear Admiral in the United States Navy with 30 years of active service.My current position is Commander, JointTaskForce-Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO), atGuantanamo Bay, Cuba. My responsibilities include the review ofJTF-GTMOinformation fbr classification purposes pursuant to Executive Order (EO) 13526(^Classified National Security Information^^). Ihave held this position since 24 August2011and report to General Douglas Fraser, Commander, US Southem Command.PURPOSEOFDECLARATIONIsubmitthis declaration in the matterofUnitedStatesv.Private First ClassBradley Manning, to demonstrate to the best ofmy knowledge and belief that disclosureofthe infbrmation identified below reasonably could be expected to cause seriousdamage to the national security ofthe United States. In making the fbllowing statementregarding the classification ofinformation in this case,lrely on mypersonal knowledgeand experience, upon the infbrmation made available to me in my official capacity,upontiie advice and conclusions reached, and determinations made in accordance therewith.DESIGNATIONOFINFORMATIONInfbrmation that requires protection in the interest of national security oftheUnitedStatesisdesignatedCLASSIFlEDNATlONALSECURITYINFORMATlONunder Executive Order 13526, ClassifiedNational Security Infbrmation, signed byPresident Obama on December 29,2009.1nfbrmation is classified in levelsFOR OFFICI/^ USEONLY^aoi3iil^B^00378646FOROFFICIALUSEONLYcommensurate with the assessment that unauthorized disclosure could cause thefbllowing expected damages to national security:a.TopSecretinformation^—exceptionally grave damageb.Secret infbrmation—serious damagec.Confidential infbrmation—damageUnclassified infbrmation does not requireasecurity clearance fbraccess, butnonetheless may be ofasensitive nature.The current basis fbr classification ofnational security infbrmation is found inE0 13526. Sectionl.3 ofEO 13526 authorizes an Original ClassificationAuthority(OCA) to classify infbrmation owned, produced, or controlled by the United Statesgovemment i f i t falls within certain classification categories. One such category,fbundat Section l,4(c)ofE0 13526, concerns infbrmation that pertains to an intelligenceactivity (including special activities), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology.Five documents, totaling twenty-two pages, have been provided to JTF-GTMOfbraclassification review. These documents were originated by JTF-GTMO and areidentified as the enclosures to the prosecution requests, datedl8March2011and4August2011. All five documents bear ^^SECRET^^ markings.CLASSIFICATIONDETERMINATIONThe five documents are classified pursuant to Section 1.4(c)ofEO 13526, becausethey contain infbrmation conceming intelligence sources and methods, and infbrmationthat, ifreleased, could cause serious damage to national security. This infbrmationisclassifiedattheSECRETlevel.FOR OFFICI/^ USEONLY^aniiii3^B^00378647FOROFFICIALUSEONLYThe documents contain intelligence data compiled about detainees or summariesofsuch data. Intelligence data included in this category of withholdings typicallydescribes the detainee^s biographical infbrmation, the circumstances ofhis capture andwhat he had in his possession when he was captured, the circumstances and date ofhistransfer to Guantanamo, his travel, his affiliations v^th individuals and organizations ofintelligence interest, and his activities in support ofthose organizations. The intelligencedata in this category also includes infbrmation about other personsandorgartizations.Ihave determined that the intelligence data contained in the documents revealdetails about intelligence we have gleaned regarding individuals and organizations ofintelligence interest. Additionally, this infbrmation reveals the sources of ourintelligence, as well as methods and approaches fbr collecting intelligence. At the time oftheir creation, the documents and the intelligence data contained in them was classified attire SECRET leveltiiroughtheactionoftheCommander,JTF-GTMO.IMPACT ONNATIONALSECURITYIFINFORMATIONRELEASEDIhave detemtined that the documents and infbrmation remain properly classified,and that their release reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to thenational security because it would reveal in^rmation conceming intelligence sources, thespecific infbrmation obtained from such sources, or both. Accordingly, this infbrmationwas and is properly classified at the SECRET level, pursuant to Section 1.4(c)ofEO13526In accordance with 28U.S.C.§1746,ldeclare under penalty of perjury that the fbregoingis true and correct to the best ofmy knowledge.FOROFFICI/^ USEONLY^ai3Oii3^B^00378648FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYDated: } i _ November 2011JAVID WOODSRear Admiral, U.S. NavyFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00378649


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