Title: Transfer Documents

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATES OF AMERICAv.Manning, Bradley E.PFC, U.S. Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base Myer-Henderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 22211Prosecution Response toDefense Motion to Dismissfor Unlawful Pretrial PunishmentEnclosure 717 August 2012256 of 1505 DEPARTMENTOFTHENAVYExpeditionary Medical Facility KuwaitAPOAE 09366REPLY REFER TO58003 Jul 10 From: Commanding Officer, Expeditionary Medical Facility KuwaitTo: Commanding Officer, Theatre Field Confinement FacilitySubj: RECOMMENDATION IN THE CASE OF PRIVATE FIRST CLASS BRADLEYMANNING (202)1. The purpose of this communication is to provide my strong supportand concurrence for the recommendation to transport PFC Manning to afacility where there are adequate specialized resources available tomanage this case.4. The recommendation is that the member be placed in a correctionalfacility that has the capacity and experienced staff to manage hiscomplex presentation over an extended period of time, which would havethe close and immediate support of an inpatient unit ifneeded. Additionally, it is recommended that the facility have thepresence and availability of mental health professionals with strongforensic experience and expertise. 5. Point of contact is CAPT Kenneth J.or email atK. J. IVERSONPage 1 of 29ManningB 00043225 357 Of ?-505 DEPARTMENTOFTHENAVYTHEATER FIELD CONFINEMENT FACILITYCAMP ARIFJAN, KuwArrAPO AE 09388 IN REPLY REFER TO28 JUL 2010MEMORANDUM FOR RECORDSUBJECT: Continuity of Confinement of PFC MANNING, Bradley 3., 2-1. This memorandum details the confinement of PVT MANNING from the dateof Court?Martia1 to arrival at MARINE CORP BASE QUANTICO BRIG, MarineCorp Base, Quantico, VA.2. On 29 MAY 2010, a military judge ordered Pre?Trial confinement of PFCMANNING. PFC MANNING was then escorted to Theater Field ConfinementFacility (TFCF), Camp Arifjan, Kuwait under guard. The senior unit guardwas SSG Smith, Adam; with SSG Klump, Daryl.3. On 31 MAY 2010 PFC MANNING arrived at TFCF and was accepted forconfinement. PFC MANNING was held at TFCF until he could be transferredto MARINE CORP BASE QUANTICO BRIG, Marine Corp Base, Quantico, VA toawait trial.4. On 28 JUL 2010 PFC MANNING left TFCF, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait in thecustody of CAPT. Balfour, Bruce, DC1 Beers, Matthew and EN2 Henry,Patrick for transfer to MARINE CORP BASE QUANTICO BRIG, Marine Corp Base,Quantico, VA. The Prisoner and Guards expected arrival date at the ison or about 29 JUL 2010 based on travel time/distance traveled.5. The point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at DSNor by e-mail at TFCF, USNPage 2 of 29353 0? '5?5DEPARTIIKIIT ARMYArea support Group-KuwaitAPO A: 09366ORDERS 209-001 - 23 .m1y 2010wummo. sxumnsr no. me. zun sc'r. 1013 run. on (1.1). cosrmsum, IRAQ no 09308You will proceed on permanent change of station as shown.Assigned to: UNITED STATRS CONTROL FACILITY. IORTSILL. 0! 73503Reporting date: 30 JULY 2010Temporary duty at: CORP BASE QUANTICO BRIG. IIARINR CORP BA83,QUAJITICO, VA 32134Reporting date. temporary duty station: 30 JULY 2010Additional Instructions:Prisoner shall be contined at CORP BABE QUANTICO BRIG, KARIN3 CORPBASS. QUANTICO, VA 22134. Prisoner is also assigned for all courts. boards.and UCMJ action.You are authorised two pieces of free checkable baggage. Each piece isnot to exceed 70 pounds or 62 linear inches o? combined length, width andheight.You are authorised to hand carry one piece of baggage. If it exceeds 100pounds. it must be moved as air cargo and paid by you.IAN JPTR paragraph 05317 -3 mm transportation authorisation does notexist for a suasaber who is transferred as a prisoner to a place of detentionor in continenent. except as provided in Paragraphs 05370-B1 and 05310-B2(see also Paragraphs 05900-0211 and 05370-I). Pursuant to AI 190--I7 (10-B-P)questions concerning the disposition or household goods and dependent travelwill be referred to the prisoner's prior unit ciandar and the supportingtransportation officer.Intonation concerning your port call will be provided separately.(1) soldier have an escort to execute this save.TOR All? U83:Anth: AR 190-47IDCs 430E01: PM): CIC: 201A63Page 3 of 29259 ?f '5?5ORDERS 209-001Aval data: 30 July 2010Format: 410FOR COMMANDER:DISTRIBUTION:IIPRJ (1)(1)PAS (1)Reasaigmnent Packet (1)ABG-EU (1)28 July 2010OFFICIAL HQ. RS3-ICU BYRON K. MAJ, 39GROUP 31CD2. EEC: 2ND BCT. 10TH BETH: DIV (LI) COS HAIIEBR, IRAQ APO R3 09308(5)ManningB_00043228Page 4 of 29260 of I505i l'\l\I Nu.? I I I II. IIATER FIELD CONFINEHENT FACILITYARIFJAN, KUWAITAPO AE 09355 REPLY TOATTENTION OF29 July 2010MEMORANDUM FOR RECORDSUBJECT: Commander?s Assessment of Inmate Bradley E. Manning (Reg. 89289-10-O1)1. Inmate Manning was confined at Theater Field Confinement Facility (TFCF) Kuwait for 59days beginning on 31 May 10. He presented with normal behavior during intake and for theinitial few days. He then began to display abnormal behavior and his mental state deteriorateduntil he was ultimately put on a 24-hour suicide watch for the remainder of his confinement atTFCF.2. Prior to being placed on suicide watch, Inmate Manning announced in front of a group ofinmates that he was gay after he became agitated that they were making negative commentsabout gay people. During the days following this incident he made some communications toCadre that he was gay and some communications that he was ?a women.? He would oftenbecome non-responsive to verbal communications and orders from Cadre. This behavior wouldsometimes be followed by an anxiety attack. During one incident he ran around in eireiesoutside in the yard before finally laying down on the ground and refusing to stand up. Cadreeventually had to carry him to his cell.3. During a routine cell check, Inmate Manning was observed curled in a ball on the ?oor in hiscell. There was a bed sheet tied into a noose next to him on the floor. 5~ P00 is the undersigned at 1381- 71/tqJEFFREY BARRLCDR, USNRDeputyPage 5 Of 29ManningB 00043229 26' ?5?5 E7'rc> SL1bjR?f:1 . wi 1 rrj1;;-eatme pl C51(1 lssues thaj;training re (2)last: SeVeraComfortablePage 6 of 29262 of 1505ManningB_00043230 :nm;zm-Ivimnu 2x} .133 .'.uIJl You Imus: If 3: JFLJIHU1 5/mu: 3:01.: and Ihc SL3 mi} CK. (;i1t;L:1 of xzuii it nun: any nulvtl I Wham _yr_nJ Fviovuo? from cull L11a!? you was wxji be by UN: and you for any new Once Lhr; call has bean ch:skt:d vou will day YOU CLEAN THE OF Tr,THE CELL. THIS WI swim NOTED ON Dam: ggneuix5400 RsEEC) SUPEHVIS DR SIGNATURE:ISIGNATURE1r~= 1:1] mi? "7Page 7 of 29263 of I505ManningB_000-43231 INMATE NAME: Last, I-rrst M. ISection I (Page 1)Scan__ Upload_File__ Scan__ Upload_File__ Scan_ Upload__Fiie_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan__ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan_ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan__ File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ File_ Scan__ Upload__File_ Scan__ Upload?File__ Scan\ t)pload_Section II (A) (Page 2)File__ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan__ Upload_Section II (B) (Page 3)Scan? Upload_File__ Scan_ File_H__ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload__File_ Scan__ Upload__File__ Scan_ Upload__Scan_ Upload__File: Scan__ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_Section (A)File__ Scan_ File_ Scan__ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan_ Upload_Section (B)File_ Scan_ Upload__Scan__ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ upload_Scan__ Upload_Section IV (A) (Page 6)File_ Scan__ Upload_File_ Scan__ File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan__ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_File__ Scan__ Upload__File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Upload_File_ Scan_ Up|oad__ssrv: (Last 4)-- Release Order-- Receipt for Inmate-- Sentence Comp (CORMIS)Sentence Comp (DD27101)-- Confinement Order-- Action (Prisoner)-- IRO Hearing Paperwork-- 72hr Letter-- Results of Trial (Prisoner)-- Misc Legal Docs (PTA, MPO, Charge Sheet, Officer Confinement Naval Message)NCIC Results-- Fingerprint Card-- DD2709 Privacy Act-- In mate Badge (stapled to bottom left corner of Section I)-- DDS 10 Request for Interview-- Inmate Summary DataDD2715-1 Disposition Board Recommendation-- Letters Disapp roving Visitors or Correspondence-- Copies of all Board Recommendations and Actions-- Special Move Chits-- DD2711-2 Custody Reclassification Summary-- DD2719 Continuation Sheet (Weekly)-- DD2711-1 Custody Reclassification Sheet-- DD2711 Initial Custody Classification-- DD2710 In mate Background Summary-- NAVPERS 1640/15 Mail and Visitation List-- Clemency/Parole-- DD2717 DOD Voluntary/Involuntary Appellate Leave Action-- Voluntary Statement-- Conduct Record-- Disciplinary Reports-- DDS09-- Inmate Record Book Checklist -- DD2712 Inmate Work and Training Report-- DD2713 In mate Observation Report-- Incident Report-- Certi?cation of Fitness for Disciplinary Segregation/Special Diet (locally produced)-- Command Visit Form-- Special Handling Letter-- Counselor Sign In Sheet-- Razor Inventory-- NAVPERS 1640/17 Gear Inventory/Valuables and Personal Effects-- DD2708 Receipt for Inmate or Detainee Person-- Rules and Conduct Sheet (SQ)-- Rules and Conduct Sheet (Brig)-- Scars and Marks (Sheet)-- Scars and Marks (Pictures)-- Medical Exam and Medical Chits-- Infectious Disease Questionnaire-- INDOC Test Results-- INDOC Class/Restoration Class Checklist-- DD504 Request and Receipt for Health and Comfort SuppliesNAVMC 604 Request for Clothing and EquipmentAudited by: Date:Audited by: Date:Audited by: Date:Page 8 of 29264 of I505DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMYHEADQUARTERS. 1ST ARMORED DIVISION ANDUNITED STATES DIVISION, cameraAPO AE 09344 ll July 3010(foimnandcr, Army Command, Earl Ball, 0SL, lloffman 2, Alcxuiidria. VA, 23302.Movement of PFC Bradley Mmming {min ihc 1-icld ('mitincincnI Facility,Kuwait in the Arcu Faciliiy Mannhcim 1. 11:15 I-irst (Tlassfrom the 'l?hcatrc liicld (?0nlincmc:11 Facility (Tzunp Arilizzn.wuait due to ilicir luck resources to provide spccialiycd menial 10 the ziccizsed.no request (i?zmsl'cr PFC .\/izmning Iho Areal Coniincnicnli1\ 1i?l"C Bradley Manning pretrial conlincmem on 29 May 2010. The charges on 5 July 2010 and the Article 32 investigation is scheduled for 14 July 2010.4. PFC Manning's Trial Captains Paul Bouchard and Michael liaton havebeen notified of ihu pending transfer.S. is Maureen Kohn, Deputy. Stall? Judge Advocate at ?or00$300.}TF-RR A. WOLFI7Major (icncral. Commanding CT:Paul Michaci EatonPage 9 of 29ManningB 00043233 365 Of TRANSMITTAL HEADER SHEETFar no of Its see AR 2511. the uoacrrn GU 5'34OFFICE FAX NOOFFICE V0.OFFICE SYMBOL. IFROM. I-IQ. email 2? .. army ?PRECEDENCE NO DATE-TIME YEAR SRONATURE!his .4 Header) . .3 1320?; 0 '1 :0 . ?lls in name, telephone numb;-r, c-mail address, fnformznicn, dale. and signs verifying noinfonnation with a highcr than - FOR ONLY is Asecond person will review the inforznatinn :md Sign and date the below.Space Beiou For Commun.-cations Centez Use Oniy.. Date"111: mformatfun being sent is auihm i?/ed 10 ?ac4;-nt over the on which :1 us uzanncdIf I Bunk. Nazmc ?J.u DA FORM 3918-R, JUL 1990ManningB_00043234DA FORM 3918-R. AUG 72 IS OBSOLETEAPO PE -.3 OOESPage 10 of 29266 of I505UNIT CONTACT INFORMATION Unit: 1Manmg mN?bS\/ CLX3 2Hightr Unit - Rcdup?yment Dani?? itF6V9 I55 3 -LCIASSIFICATION PRECEDENCE N0. PAGES DATE-TIME YEAR SICNATURE(Including . IHeader; ijc.-Z: 7 H-1 LnclassifedREMARKSfills in name. telephone number, c-mail address. informaticn. date. and signs vctifyixig that nowith a classi?cation higher than - FOR ONLY is being Asecond person will review the information and sign and date the xalidalinn below.Space For Commumcatloris Center Lise OnlyThe being sent is autlimircd to beOVCI tin: iicKmil. on it scanncdi$ignud: I 4Rank. Namc. /1 Dale:. EA FORM 3918-R, JUL 1990ManningB_00043240DA FORM 3918-F-2. AUG 72 IS OBSOLETEPF v.'1 Page 16 of 29272 of I505DEPARTMENT OF THE uum-:9 omca OF THE STAFF June! ADVOCATEAPO AE 0934: ATTUTWTI1 0 JUL DATE: MEMORANDUM FOR Private First Class Bradley E. Manning, Headquarters and HeadquartersCo1npany.2d Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. COS H?nxner, APO AE 09308SUBJECT: Article 32(1)) Investigation1. On 14 July 2010, at 0800 ho,urls,'iu the Camp Liberty court mom, I will conduct aninvestigation pursuant to Article UCMJ, to investigate the facts and circumstancesconcerning the charges preferred against you ?by etptain Christopher Goren. The charges aretwo speci?ca?ens of violatinga layvful genera] regulation, two speci?cations of espionage, threespeci?cations of willfully communicating classi?ed material, and four speci?cations ofintentionally exceeding authorized access.2. You have the right to be present during the entire investigation. Additionally, you have theright tuberepresemed at all times darling the by legally quali?ed counsel. Counselmay be a civilian lawyerof your choice, at no expense to the Uaizerl States; a quali?ed lawyer of your selection, if reasonably availahl? era quali?ed military counsel detailedby the Trial Defense Service. There is no cost. to you for counsel. You also have theright to waive representation by calmed.? 3. Atthis time, {intend to call as a. Special Agent Toni Briana. Camp Liberty Criminal Invesagaeon Divisionh. Special Agent David S. Shaver, Digital Forensics and Research ComptnerCrimes Inirestigative Unitc. Captain Casey Martin, I-I?quarters and Headquarters Company. 2d Brigade SpecialBattalionSpecialist Bill: S. Baku?. Hal?qlnnusand-Headquaruzrc Company, 2d B23911: '1?-cam, 10th Mountain Divisionc. United -Statesforccs -Iraq, Senior Security Special Agent Ronald Rook, United States Department ef-State. Diplomatic?ecurityService4. it is my intention to examine and consider the following evidence:a. Memorandum from United States Army Invcs?gation Command, Computer lnvestiga?vc Unit, dated 23 June 2010, CAP I ROI 0028-10-CID221 -1'01 17b. Of?cial Military Personnel File, Manning, Bradley E.Page 17 0! 29ManningB_00043241 273 ?f 1505USP-I-JA-LSUBJECT: Artidc 32(b) Investigation c. Chat I) Scsmonl.begumm 718:0 2) 3) Samoa Ihht?l?? l224?0-4 PMUY a. crmwofgs . bcginniug25May20lOa120:30:25 03:00 and ending 2010 at 15:00:44 0 pages 1-41CID rcport with cxhibiu sY2P2/an/823/902?. page; H31Swom Statesman: by Adrian Lama, 13 Junc.20l0, pngca 1-711"? Iwsaec Bmdicv 10Fxic Schmicdl dated 20Mny' 2010 at 01:51 :20 +0300.5. As investigating a?iczt. lwill try to arrange for the appearance of any G-.m youwanttotcs1ify.atthehearing, Send names, I2Jul)/2010 A1700 hams. If, at a wartime, you idemifyadlitioual inform me ofthelrnames. units. Parties should provide a summary of expected testimony and astatement as to why the testimony is relevant to the case. Any witnesses you mm must beappxovqd by me and will be based upon: namc/relationship to accused?, to ACUswill be woman thewitnesses mum to duty aftz: 6. Page 18 of 29ManningB 374 ?f '5?5CERTIFICATE OF SERVICEI certify that on I2 .7741?? 2.010 I served the following documentationon PFC Bradley E. Manning:Noti?cation of Article 32 Heating-I I Printed Rank and Name of Person eivingIzaumo ,2 Signattgre and DatePrinted Ra 11k and Name Pe1.son Performing ServiceJun.) 2010 Signature ?and DatePage 19 of 29275 of 1505ManningB_00043243 USF-I-IA-LSUBJECT: Article 32(b) InvestigationOn )2 2011? 1, Private First Class Bradley E. Manning, was served a copy ofthe Article 32 oti?cation memo. B5 54 BRADLEY E. MANNI PFC, USAAccused3Page 20 of 29276 of 1505ManningB_00043244 82 ?mm?oaomaa8.3 253 4:.5: icon .3 301:! cm 53 510m (away was m.S\oos~vim. EV as .3 .o.v Qt 3 1.2.0oaw 8 xmxm. m\uL.\ use 9 3.ssouua rcxaouu .308 subset all 2. S?lo 58 Sc 2 co=oE8E_ ?Such a u.5ao..ou_aE2. 3:2 .o 85.3 3 o. 8:25.; "um: uzzboc.E:8oo cu-o o..oco2.x. co co>h co=2EoE_ uuaomxqi Sn 8m .09.. .9 ?b?oE.a0 omsaomx .u939: ucraaoxcustom02?. tmoamo . #230004 .340 ManningB_00043245DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMYHEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS 20 BRIGADE TEAM. 10TH DIVISION (LIGHT INFANTRY)UNITED srATEs DIVISION - CENTERcos HAMMER. IRAQ APO AE 09308REPLY TOATTENTDN U: AFDR-BBA-HC 29 May 2010MEMORANDUM FOR PFC Bradley E. Manning, Headquarters and HeadquartersCompany, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), COS Hammer, Iraq,APO AE 09308.SUBJECT: Pretrial Confinement Rights Advisement1. I am placing you in pretrial confinement because you are suspected of the following offenses:Article 128, UCMJ and Article 134, (l 8 USC. 793).2. Before sending you to the confinement facility, I would like to inform you that you have certainrights.a. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can be used against you in a trialby court-martial.b. You have the right to consult with a lawyer concerning this pretrial confinement A militarylawyer will be detailed to you by the Trial Defense Service. The military attorney will be provided atno expense to you. You also have the right to consult with a civilian attorney of your own choosingregarding this pretrial confinement. If you desire a civilian attomey, you may retain one at your ownexpense. The United States Government will not reimburse you for legal expenses.c. You also have the right to an attorney?s assistance during trial and in preparation of your casefor trial. You have the right to have an attorney present to assist you during any questioning, pretrialpreparation, and the trial itself. The Senior Defense Counsel at Camp Liberty TDS will detail amilitary attorney to represent you. If you so choose, you have the right to request a military counselof your own selection after charges have been preferred. If the person you request is reasonablyavailable, he or she will be detailed to as your military lawyer. You also have the right to a civilianattorney?s assistance at any stage of the process. If you so choose, this civilian attorney would be inaddition to any military lawyer detailed to represent you. Again, your decision to retain a civilianlawyer is at your expense. You will not be reimbursed.3. Within the next 48 hours, there must be a review of my decision to place you in pretrialcon?nement. This will usually be done by a military magistrate, but could be done by any neutraland detached officer. This review will be focused on my reasons for placing you in confinement andwhether the confinement should be continued. Within 72 hours, another review of my decision willbe conducted. If done within 48 hours, it could satisfy the 48 hour requirement previouslymentioned. Within 7 days of my decision to place you in pretrial confinement, you and your counselwill be allowed to appear before a military magistrate and present any statement you desire. ShouldPage 22 of 29ManningB 00043246 273 0? '5?5AF DR-BBA-HCSUBJECT: Pretrial Con?nement Rights Advisementthis magistrate deem your continued con?nement appropriate, you and your counsel can againchallenge the appropriateness of your confinement before a military judge. Additional informationon review of pretrial con?nement can be found in Rule for Courts-Martial 305, Manual for Courts-Martial.?y/Wm 72MATTHEW W. RE RGCPT, ADCommandingPage 23 of 29279 of 1505ManningB_00043247 Untit1edDr. Jeffrey Spiege1 is Chief of Facial P1astic and Reconstructive Surgery, and anassociate professor at the Boston University Schoo1 of Medicine with appointments inthe Department of 0to1aryngo1ogy and Head and Neck Surgery and the Department ofP1astic and Reconstructive Surgery.He received his undergraduate and medica1 degrees from the University of Michigan,where he served as president of the A1pha Omega A1pha medical honor society, and wasseiected to present the graduation address at commencement in 1994.Dr. Spiege1 comp1eted an internship in Genera1 Surgery, fo11owed by a residency in0to1aryngo1ogy Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Ca1ifornia, SanFrancisco. Further advanced training was obtained with fe11owship in Faciai P1asticand Reconstructive Surgery, and Microsurgery through Harvard Medica1 Schoo1. Hecurrent1y devotes his practice to facia1 giastic surgery and head and neck cancerreconstruction. Dr. iege1 is expert in oth the most simp1e office procedures, andsome of the most comp ex transpiant reconstructions done today.Dr. Spiege1 has pub1ished numerous articies and book cha ters on head and neckoncoiogy and facia1 p1astic surgery, and speaks nationa1 on these topics. Hisresearch efforts were recognized with the Sir Haro1d De1f Gi11ies research award bythe American Academy of Facia1 P1astic and Reconstructive Surgery. Previous work hasresu1ted in an interview in the science section of the New York Times and a UnitedStates patent.Dr. Spiegei is one of_a se1ect few ?hysicians chosen to write and review faciaipiastic surgery questions used on Nationa1 Boards Exam in 0to1aryngo1ogy- Headand Neck surgery.In addition to research and writing, Dr. spiege1 1ectures and faci1itates in severa1courses at the Boston University School of Medicine, is course director for theBoston university Schooi of Medicine Head and Neck Surgery research rotation, isDirector of C1inica1 Operations for 0to1aryngo1ogy- Head and Neck surgery, and seeshead and neck surgery and facia1 cosmetic surgery patients at Boston Medica1 Center.Page 1Page 24 of 29ManningB_00043248 230 ?f BASE BRIG22134ReportUse In Place Of DADC. Work ShemNew Confinement: Personal |nformatio_nAge 9.9- ??2.11 242 o_ ivi_z_i_a_i_La_''. Skates "5 iizxigzit Home Address ln1ornmtion_Next oi Kin InformationIService lniormation?_?_ranch of Service: L5 I Cm?: oi?. State" ?Zn 1 - '1 281 oflS05Reserves (Circle) YES NO \PriorServiec: (Circle) YES 3Pa) Grade Held: i Records Received: (Mark With X) iv HR Cim1e) ?Demal_ ?fl-lome of Record: I C1l_\' 8; State) . Nurnher of Prior Actions?ADBD: (Date Wem to Boot cargh 9., 95,7 1 (Mark mm x?EAOSJEM of Active Obligated Service) '11:153: (Number) 35" (pi/7&1, 1? Cmd_ 5111'? P00. (Name and Phone Numb 1?o_ ll CA Address: Where Cnciignin Co . "iceris Stationed) i_ A 1/10?! mi ow Recrui1Tra1mngLoc: Last Enlisted Dale: 3, 0&1?Total orable lniual Conf Facility: (LE County. Arm)? ELC.)Months Page 25 of 29ManningB_00043249LapaAuqv{3PRIVACY ACT FOR DNA SAMPLINGThis statement is provided in compliance with the provisions of the PrivacyAct of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a. which requires that Federal agencies informindividuals who are requested to furnish personal information aboutthemselves as to certain facts regarding the information requested.The collection of a sample of an individual?s deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) bythe U.S. Department of Defense is authorized by and conducted pursuant to 10U.S.C. 5 1555; 42 u.s.c. 5 14135a et seq.; and 23 C.F.R. 28.12. Collectionis authorized for all offenses investigated pursuant to 42 U.S.C. l4135a(a)(1)(A) and for all qualifying military offenses, as defined in 10U.S.C. l565(d), including cffenses'which constitute a felony under theUnited States Code and offenses for which a sentence of confinement for morethan one year may be imposed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.The purpose of the Department of Defense's collection of a sample of anindividual's DNA is to allow for positive identiifcet on and to provide orgenerate evidence to solve crimes through database searches of potentiallymatching samples.Itorofis mandatory that United States personsconvicted and nonHUnited States personsDefense or Coast Guard in non?combat or operational activities, cooperatein the collection of a sample of his or her DNA. Failure to do so may resultin samples taken by the minimum force necessary and or in disciplinaryaction for a violation of Article 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice,determination that the individual is_guilty of a class A misdemeanor andpunishment in accordance with title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure),United States Code.who are arrested, facing Qharges,who are detained by the DepartmentAnalysis conducted on DNA samples collected by the Department of Defense willbe forwarded by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) tothe Federal Bureau of Investigation for entry into the Combined DA IndexSystem Pursuant to 42 5 14132(d) and lo U.S.C. l565le}. anDNA is collected and analyzed in the above manner may requestDNA analysis be expunged from USACIL records and CODIS if thenot convicted of an offense in a federal court, or in the case of acurrent or former service member, not convicted of an offense by general orspecial courts-martial (including action generally inconsistent with such aconviction, such as administration of non-judicial punishment, administrativeseparation, or referral to a and (ii) meets certainconditions set forth in Instruction 5505.14, ?neoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)individual whosethat his or herindividual iscollection Requirements for Criminal Investigations."fl22?/Vblg?f?Signature and Date Prisoner's Signature andateEnclosure (1)Page26of29282ofl505LEAVE BLANK CRIMINAL (srmu Mane) LEAVE BLANKSTATE USAGE . arr sccouo L- AFPROXNAT SCARSHAW US-AG . LAY Mme. um: mboge mug. sununs?uNArum?_ or venson Auases/Iuoen um um: sumsnan no no? cntorunkm um 00 YY su Mce HEIGHY nu mm12 /72 .53 3w BeaPage 27 of 29ManningB_00043251 283 of PRISONEITS DATA cAao INMATE HARD CARDas-?mom REVISED ovoe. gr-Last Name First Name Status ServicePRE-Mannin Bradle TRIAL ManninUnit (CO. BU. SODN) Base/station Phone NumberHHC, 2ND BCT, 10TH MTN DIV (L1) COS HAMMER.IRAQ Kuwait Race/Ethnicity Complexion HT (inches) HT Eyes Hair Identifying MarksWhite Li-ht 63 115 BLU BENMarital Status Nut ox Kin?: Full Name Phone numberSiflle Debravan Vanal st en Aunt 3Local Addrels State Local Phone Number-7 - .- . . offence (Article Number and 8:19! Description) i? .- 2' - 128 134Sentence AdjudgedPRE -TRIALCustody clasaztication REMARKS g?3au>??oOS1Page 28 of 29ManningB 00043252 234 '5?5 PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT(T be presented to the prisoner when information for DD Form 2710and/or DD Form 2711 is provided in an interview setting.)1. PRISONER NAME 2. SSN 3. IDENTIFICATION NUMBERManning Bradley 100754. FACILITY NAMEPRE-TRIAL CONFINEMENT FACILITY, MCB QUANTICO VIRGINIAAUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 301 and E.O. 9397.PRINCIPAL To collect personal history information from the prisoner to assist"n the classification and assignment process. In addition, the information will be used toevaluate the prisoner's progress toward rehabilitation or suitability for parole or clemency.ROUTINE To the Department of Justice, in instances where the prisoner istransferred to a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility for incarceration.DISCLOSURE AND EFFECT ON TI-E INDIVIDUAL OF NOT PROVIDING INFORMATION:Voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information may prevent the staff of thecorrectional facility from fully evaluating the prisoner.5. ER SIGNATURE DATE 201007306. WITNESSa. NAME b. SIGNATURE c. DATE 20100730DD FORM 2709, NOV 1999Page29of29ManningB_00043253 235


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