Title: Transfer Documents

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATES OF AMERICAv.Manning, Bradley E.PFC, U.S. Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base Myer-Henderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 22211Prosecution Response toDefense Motion to Dismissfor Unlawful Pretrial PunishmentEnclosure 1717 August 2012390 of l505DEPARTMENTOFTHENAVYCommanding OfficerExpedmonary Medrcal Factliiy Kuwait APO AE 09356IN REPLY REFER TO58003 Jul 10 From: Commanding Officer, Expeditionary Medical Facility KuwaitTo: Commanding Officer, Theatre Field Confinement FacilitySubj: RECOMMENDATION IN THE CASE OF PRIVATE FIRST CLASS BRADLEYMANNING (2021. The purpose of this communication is to provide my strong supportand concurrence for the recommendation to transport PFC Manning to afacility where there are adequate specialized resources available tomanage this case.4. The recommendation is that the member be placed in a correctionalfacility that has the capacity and experienced staff to manage hiscomplex presentation over an extended period of time, which would havethe close and immediate support of an inpatient unit ifneeded. Additionally, it is recommended that the facility have thepresence and availability of mental health professionals with strongforensic experience and expertise.5. Point of Contact is CAPT Kenneth J. Iverson, USN at DSN --or email at ./1 (XK. . IVERSONFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXHIBIT 3Page 1 of 103ManningB_O0022001 39' PERSONAL PROPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFor use ol Ihb Ionn. no AR 210-174: the agency In USAFAC.DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: Title 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To vet1IyInIormaIIon given on the personal pcoperty Ilst.ROUTINE USE: Information Is used verlfy dlsposmon oI petsonal ptoperty.DISCLOSURE 8 EFFECT: Volunhty. If Infonnauon Is not provided. request cannot be completed.31 MM QueNAME ouroanouowumnr STOREDoeocnrroou or I-norenw puma-3SHIPPED DESTROYED oonruen our-Pu noonvnwaeus omen rmuSHOWER SHOES IWALLET R.EDIT I DEBIT CARD?+Lw ?mu 2. EAGLE CASH CARD (.577. ISOCIAL SECURITY CARDIIDRIVERS LICENSEmm: mm megPEN I PENCILPAPER PADSUNGLASSESGLASSES WATCH1 1RINGPICTURES I . 11 Pig? 04 wmaesar mamaor ssowrnne or cusroouu AUTNORIZEUSPOSPTDNABUDICATED.L3REUIIT PROPERTY LISTED AS BE (Check oneonoanuznmu? wp?sscoo Pnpauronnonssaeseaow:VIE RN53Pvooeny Llohd In column Inc Ionvorded on: Ptopeny Lleted In column an deouoyed on:DAVE SIGNATIEI OF CUDTXIAN DATE SIGNATURE R?l?l? FROM PRISOIER (To be upon ?nal disposition of prisoner)IE1) SKHIATURE AILOFTIEPROPERTY THE CUSTOUAN 6 ANY FIITIH RESPONSIBLITY.DATEAX 1uL Io(Sea reverse tldejbr and DA FORM 1 132-R. APR 1 986 REPLACES DA FORM 1132. 1 NOV 19. MAY as usso umu. exruusreo mo r-ev1.o1EXHIBITFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 2 of 103392 of I505ManningB_00022002 PERSONAL PROPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDrows. of mu toms, no AR 210.114; mo agency as USAFAC.om: MM 90:0DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To verify lnfonna?on given on me petsonal property Ilst.ROUTINE USE: Inlormatlon Is used to verify dlsposmcn of petsonal pmperty. DISCLOSURE EFFECT: Voluntary. If lnformatlon Is not prov/Ided. request cannot be completed.MAE STORE)DESCRIPTION 3 PROPERTY neceweo supp?, wan pmsopgn-3 . VALUABLE8 omen nunsWASH CLOTHTOILETRY I SHOWER BAGSHAMPOO I CONDITIONERSOAPSHAVINO GEL I FOAMDEODORANTLOTIONTOOTH BRUSHTOOTHPASTBII1FIINAIL CLIPPERSBRUSHCOMBLIP BALM Husooars nurraau Bs?n, rf? cusroowrs mruu pp: wmcesr umauRECEPT I8 OF ms PROPERTY Lma) Al RECEIVED:saemrtuns or CUSTODIANTDN ASDDQATE.stem-Ium_ IREQUEST imam LISTED AS an ronwannen (Check oneALL PERSONAL PROPERTY HY POSSESSION AT THE OFCONFNEKNT IS LISTED ABOVE AND I AUTHORIZE USPOSFIoncnazanou [3 con ADDRESSProputy Lllud In Column was branded on:Property Used In cotutnn docttoyd on:DATE SIONATLRE OF CUSTODIAN SIGNATIJREOF CUSTOOIANRECEPT FROM PRISOOER (To be completed upon jlnal dlxposltlon ALL OF TIE PROPERTY IE3 ll SAFEKEEPNO FOR DATE SIGNATURE OF PRISONERHAS BEEN RETININEDTDIS DATE A10 I CUSTWIAN OF ANYFURTHER 683% to FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_O0022003(See reverse side for Withdrawal: and AQWOMV9 A 90 Rm 1 1 3242, APR 1986 Repuces DA FORM n32. 1 NOV79. wmcu war as useo mm EXHAUSTEDEx mm 2Page 3 of 103393 of 1505 PERSONAL PROPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUND Forum of mu ban. sooAR21o-mmopcoponom agency}: usmxc 221 M81 QOIODATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT CF 1974AUTHORITY: Two 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To vedfy lntormatlon given on the personal property list.ROUTINE USE: lnIoI?rnaIlon ls used to verify dlsposltion of personal pnoperty.DISCLOSURE 8 EFFECT: VoIunIary. If Infotmation Is not provided. tequest cannot be completed.NAIE (Lu! - Firs! - Mldde Initial) ?c DISPOSITIONoescumou or PROPERTY 9% 8" 0? mm I-Rtsoueks VALUABLE8 OTNERITBISTENNIS saoasUNDERWEAR . 3 . 3BRAS GREEN socxs 5 4warns socxs 3 . 3 3BLACK socxsWI PLATES IKBVLAR HELMET IUNIFORM rxrcuns . zai/qr? I TAGS AND CHAIN A LAUNDRY BAG 56 ry Irowaus) 1gin custoowrs mm: 3 PPIMTIALSsauna:ssaounnuzor oaam?nouornon A8 nacxren.sucmuunz .uouut In?enrv usrao A3 -smear at ronwmoso (Check one coo mpuq 1'0 ADDRESSEE snow:um: ADDRESSDATE suomrun: or cusroouw um: soovuruae or custom?:RECEPT FROM (To be completed upon final ofpriwuer) 2RESPONSBUTY. 2(See reveru slde?rr and Addition) DA FORM 1 I 32-R. APR 1986 REPLACES DA FORM 1132, 1 NOV79. wmcu MAYBE usso UNTIL exmxusrso Ex v1.01 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Page 4 of 103394 of 1505ManningB_00022004 PERSONAL PRWERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFot meof ms Ionn. see AR 210-174: the ptoponentagencyh usmxc.DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: TWO 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To verity Infomnation glven on the personal property Ilst.ROUTINE USE: Information Is used to verify disposition of personal property.DISCLOSURE a. EFFECT: Vountary. II Information Is not provided. request cannot be compIeIed. own: 35 MM QQLO- Rn: - Hilde buldapMI>zwwo;BRaom t:I- ounmrv rroaso0? OF RSCEIVED sawzo oesmovco 4 cammgg suppgy goonvawunzs omen nanDUFF ACU PANTS I :3ACU COVER BELT TAN SHIRT3 3BOOTS I P.P.T. SHORTS3 2 3P.T. JACKET I IP.T. PANTS I IP.T. BELTCAPrmsouars unus ?Zn on Rimcusroowrs nuns FF FFwmaesr Is Acooaowusoczo or me movamr us'r?oAs saomrune or CUSYODIANAUUQRBEDISPOBFREQUEST PROPERTY LISTED AS FORWARDED (Check one mopony In Column -oesnovaowu auuoyoc on-.DATE DATEOATIREWCUHOUANRECBPT PRISOIGI (To be completed upon final disposition of prisoner)MLOFTTIPROPERTY MED IN SAFEKEEPING FORTIE OF ANY DATE18 UGNATUREOFPRISOIIR*9 (Sea sldefar and Addillou) LyDA FORM 1 132-R. APR 1986 REPLACES DA roam 1132. 1 NOV re. wmcu MAY es usso UNTIL EXHAUSTED mo FOR OFFICIAL use ONLY Page 5 of 103395 of I 505ManningB_00022005 PERSONAL PROPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFor otthle form. AR 210-174: the proponent agency I: USAFAC.nun-:4 an 1-nncno"iit mm Rog:DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: Title 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To verity Information glven on the persona property Itst.ROUTINE USE: Intorrnatton ls used to verity? dlsposttlon of persona property.DISCLOSURE 8 EFFECT: Voluntary. II lnlormatlon Is not provtded. request nnot be completed.runs (Ian-first-Mutlelulrla?Moo vim51.91 AI I Fbegce I INear. Gn1?Df?-? I Jaws I[Bugs swung) buss-re?: (N05 WW0 cam ~'I6a ?'uouM ?cstg I ?rv. umr" 3 3ms; mcasns E1 in 33:? - ALLPEROONAI.nous sror?'rIau onorintzmowbr Wm;REOIEST PROPERTY LISTEWAS BE FORWARDED (Citeckane con [3 rmpatuymwoazesuaetovv:Aoo?f?Property Uued In Column destroyed on:out sropurune or: cuaroowu DATE SIGNATURE OF CUSTOOIANRECEPT FROI (To be completed upon dlspoxlrlon q/prtroner)ALL OF TIE PROPERTY IELD IN SAFEKEEPING FOR DATE SIGNATU TI-I CUSTODIAN OF ANY FURTIIR RESPONSBLITY. JD(Sec reverse sldefor and Addmoru) gz DA FORM 1132-R, APR 1986 REPUACES DA FORM 1132. 1 NOV 79. WHICH MAY as useo unm. exuwsreoFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00022006 V1.01 Page 6 of 103396 of I505 PERSONAL PROPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFor use ol ttrle form. see AR 210-114: the proponent agency: USAFAC.DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1 974AUTHORITY: 10. USC. Sec $12.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To verlly Informatlon gtven on the personal property Ilst.RCIJTNE USE: Information Is used to verlfy dsposltlon of personal property.DISCLOSURE EFFECT: Voluntary. II Information Is not provided. request cannot be completed.WIN 301??oescrumou onnoeearv . ?swam? 2PRIVILEGED CORRESPONDENCEDISPOSABLE RAZOR HANDLER-DISPOSABLE BLADESHOE FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTSROSARIES I RELIGIOUS MEDALLIONSBIBLECALLING CARDI cg,msouerrs mmue gt-?in cusroouws mums F5 F759wrruesr mmALsSIG OF CUSTOOIANTDN A8 REOIEST PROPERTY LISTED AS IE (Cluck oneALL PERSONAL PROPERTY IN MY PODSESSDN AT TIME OFLISTED ABOVE AWI AUTIIORIZE DISPOS-NAME ADDRESSProperty Lbted in Column wee forwarded on: Property uetedln destroyed on:DATE SIGNATIRE OF ODIAN DATE SIGNATURE OF CUSIDDIANPRISONER (To be completed upon final dlspocfdon o/prisoner)ALLOFTIEPROPERTYIELDINTIE "(yd Ion;SIGNATURE OF PRISOIIR(Sec reverse Jidefor Wuhdrawel: and Addilloru)DA FORM 1132-R. APR 1986 REPLACES DA some 1132.: NOV 79. MAY BE usso umn. exmusrso EXHIBIT 2FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 7 of 103397 of I505ManningB_00O220070084-10-CIDBO9SIDE FOURDOMESTIC RETURN RECEIPTS0 DA FORM 1132-R PRISONER PROPERTY LIST (CLOSED)DD FORM 499 PRISONER MAIL AND CORRESPONDENCE RECORD0 HEALTH COMFORT REQUESTS0 DA FORM 1131-R PRISONER CASH ACCOUNT (CLOSED)BARBER SHOP REQUESTSTHISFILE CONTAINS INFORMATIONCOVERED UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT ANDFREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTEXHIBIT 3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 8 of 103Manning 398 Of 1505 PERSONAL enrv LIST - pensowu. oeposn FUND For use 01 man loan. an AR 210-114: In pvoponont agency 3 usumc. DATA REQUIRED BY THE PIUVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: Title 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To vedfy lnlotmatlon given on the petsonal ptoporty list.ROUTINE USE: Information In: need vodfy disposition at pemonsl pmporty.DISCLOSURE EFFECT: Voluntary. If lnlonnatlon Is not provided. request cannot be oompletad.iusaosmouPROPERTY 8'SFPED DESTROYED mm oourucen sun-Lv noon0113 N238SHOWER SHOESWALLETCREDIT I DEBIT CARDvuu .-mu Iemu: cash cum0 1'3?socuu. sacuarnr cum:1DRIVERS LICENSE I ISTATE: mm? uyL,J9PEN I PENCILPAPER I NOTE PADSUNGLASSES133:? 1 RINGPICTURES I I mnmuursuurrnis KEIM wmoess'u'nAI.s -soouanms or cusronuw . 1oncuazmouongn?soornuann cs usno nave mo mrmomzs DISPOSI-nou As mu n?oue's1' moo-can LISTED AS an ronwanoeo (Check one coo mom) TO Aoonessee um: Property Listed In Column was fonnrdod on: Ptoputy Listed In column in destroys! on:mm: sauna: or cusroowa one srauanns or cusroouwnecerr moan Hnsouat (To be con?-Rind upon /ml dnpomiou ALL or me moneaw new in urexesnuo son one socmrun: our msonznmums sea: nnunumnumremonasusvame cusronum on ANY I (See reverse and Addition!) *7DA FORM 1132-R, APR 1988 nepuces DA FORM 1132. 1 NOV 70. WHICH MAY BE usso umn. EXHAUSTED APO PEv1.o1EXHIBIT 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 9 of 103ManningB_00022009 399 ?f '5?5 PERSONAL PROPERTY IJST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDForueeolmle form. see AR 210-174; the proponent agency II USAFAC.DATA REQUIRED BY PRIVACY ACT OF 1014AUTHORITY: ?l'IlIe 10. usc. sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To given on the personal property notUSE: Information I: used I) veufy of personal property.DISCLOSURE 8- EFFECT: Voluntary. II Information Is not provided. request cannot be compIeIad.- In ouumrv sroaPROPERTY R?caven oesmoveo upnv R00.VALUAHIS OTIER ITEMSWASH CLOTHI snows: amSHAMPOO I conomonaxson 2 Ismvmo GEL I FOAM I DBODORANT I LOTION room anusu I ITOOTHPASTB mm. anus}:comaLIP BALM Imeasure mus Kin %F(a-0cusroown mrmu PF p?mnmumm ms monsmv usremus a?caveo-UGIATIHE OF CUOTOOIANn2p/U873 AER (Cbaof one4000 Property Lmed In Column was Ionrremed on:DATE SIGNATURE OF DATE SIGIATIRE OF OUSTODIANFROM PRISONER (To be completed upon/?ma! di;-poxirion of prisoner)ALI. 11! PROPERTY IILD II SAFEKEEPIIG SIGNATURE OF PRISONERHA8 EENRETLRNEOTIIS DATE AND IRELEVETIE CUSTOGAN OF ANY RESPONSIBIJTY.?5?8 3% IO(See reverre Me for Withdrawal: and DA FORM 1 1 3241. APR 1 986 REPLACES DA FORM 1132. 1 NOV79. MAY ae useo unm exmusreoFOR OFFICIAL use omvMann?ngB_00022010(XWOPE V1.01EXHIBIT 3 Page 10 of 103400 of I505 PERSONAL Pk. . ERTY UST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFor we ollhle loan. on AR210-I74: the ptoponeolegencyb USAFAC.DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To vorlfy Inlormallon men on he personal ptopeny list.ROUTINE USE: Infotmallon Is used to vedfy dlspoclvou of personal properly.DISCLOSURE 5. EFFECT: Voluntary. II lnfovmallon ls nolprovldod. request cannot be completed.ma: (um-nm-uudmnmao?g .cmP.nm' OCMNITTYDE 0' "cum SHPPED DESTROYEO ooumuan vn.uAaLzs omen nutsmums snoasUNDERWEAR 3 1? 3musexam socxs 7 5 4warns socxs 3 3 9BLACK socxsWI PLATES IKEVLAR HBLM ET Iouovss Z-I IUNIFORM PATCHESDOG TAGS AND CHAINI LAUNDRY BAGI I I1-Puusooara wanna ?3 1" wsroouwsenuu [f f? eaowuune or cunoowc aevwluaeo. oncmatmouoenommuoucareo.SIGNATIX (CbeckoaeMAMEcoo Ptopeny Listed In column was destroyed on:DATE SIONATURE OF CUSYODIAN DATE OF CUSTODIAIIRECEIPT FROI PRISONER (To be completed upon ?nal dlxposldon ALLOFTIE HE HAS EN RETURNED THIS DATE All) I REZVETIE GJITOOIAN OF ANY FURTHER RESPONSIQJTY.33? Wk OF PRISGIER(See reverie slde/or Withdrawal: and DA FORM 1 1 32-R, APR 1 986 REPLACES DA FORM 1132. 1 NOV 79. MAY as useo urmu. exmusrsoFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_0O022011APOPEIILOIEXHIBIT 3Page 11 of 103401 of I505 PERSONAL LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFol one olmlo Ionn. one All ptoponont ogoncy USAFAC.DATEDATA REQUIRED BY TEE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: Title 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To verify Informatlon glven on he potsonal ptopetty I131.ROUTNE USE: Information I: used to o1 paoonal pcopotty.DISCLWURE EFFECT: Voluntary. If Iniotmauon Is not ptovldod. request cannot be completed.um: MI>rwwo,BRmu 9; oosrosmouoewmmu 0' smweo oesmoveo "om,coumu am-1.v noonomen nunsBAG I ACU TOP 3 I /3ACU PANTS 3 I ACU COVER IBELT E. TAN sum?3 3BOOTS Iror Sudbr I LANG 3 2 -3SHORTS 3 2 3P.T. JACKET I IPANTS I IBELTCAP1-Iusouara uruu 0 ?En i Rimoustoowrs umau FF ?fmunor cusrooum oncu?znnouofty?snon A8 mmuo.soorwrune REOIEST PROPERTY LISTED AS FORWARQD (Check onecoo [j mpuorowonesaee neww:um: AoonzasProperly Uotod in Column was lo:-worded on: Ptopony Llotod In Column vu doohoyod on:one SIGNATURE or cusroowd one or cugroowaFROM PRISOOER (To be muuplelcd upon ?nal disposition of prltoncr)ALL or 1-11: rnorenrv 11151.0 ll uracesmo ran on: scorwrune or Pmsousn --11: cusroowa o1= ANY Fumnea ncsrousvaum. :1 8 JUL 1 (Se: reverse aid: for and Addition) C)DA ORM 1 1 32-R. APR 1 986 REPLAOES DA room 1132. 1 NOV 7o.wH1c1-1 MAY as usso UNTIL exnausn-:0 mo P: 111.01EXHIBIT 2FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 12 of 103402 of 1505Ma nningB__0002201 2 PERSONAL PRVPERTY LIST - PERSONAL DEPOSIT FUND210-I?zlhopmpononl oponcy USAFAC.DATE- DATA REQUIRED BY TIE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974AUTHORITY: mo 10. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To vetlly ldotmauon given on the pononal pmporty list.ROUTINE USE: Information Is used to votify dlsposllon of personal property.DISCLOSURE EFFECT: Votuntary. If Information Is not request cannot be comphlod.NAME - - UUJC si?oms 4 i.mea.?wme._I ERR 9% I Mew Cu/vrv L. I I1 5 INECIC I1 _m Jaws I335 STII-IRED Ibus-uss (M05 I 1Wang cmto ?puf I ?1 (NW5 (an umr 3 3mams 1 . 83:? M2TI8 noun/1:2!$1 ssaouarmeos oaoxuzamubr oowwuemnuntoaaowunnmmonnmrocuTON ASIDOCATED.(Claectonecoo ADDRESSLluodlu column Ionnrdodon:out uonannz or CUSTOOIAN one SIBNATIRE OFCUSTOOIANFROU PRISONER (?lb be completed upou?ual dlaposlrlon ALL our 11? PROPERTY HELD IN urtxeenuc won one FRI us HA8 nun nrrunuco mt: Ann me cusroouw or ANY rum-um newousumnr. M19 2(Sec revcru dd: for and Additions) DA FORM 1 132-R. APR 1986 REPIAOES DA roam 1132. 1 NOV 79. wmcu ww as useo UNTIL Exmusreo more v1.01EXHIBIT 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 13 of 103403 of I 505ManningB_0O022013 PERSONAL .-RTY LJST - PRSONAL DEPOSIT FUNDFat uuoithio loan. no AR 210-174;1no pmponont agency is USAFAC.DATE DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1074AUTHORITY: I0. USC. Sec 3012.PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To votify infotmation given on the potsonai propony list.USE: inionnaiion is used to verily disposilon oi personal propo?y.DISCLOSURE EFFECT: Voluntary. Ii information is not provldod. request cannot be completed. mun: am. am. mat. buda?mmwwih my QUANTITY STUIEDPRWERTT ucewco D??nomo VALUANJS OTHER ITEN31 2conuuasponoauca I DISPOSABLB RAZOR HANDLE I Imspouaus BLADES 2 ISHOE LACES I FEMININE mronzua rnooucrsnosuuas I RELIGIOUS MBDALLIONSamu:CALLING cum I ca. I I Muscular: mums on custoowrs uwu f? IITIAL8-nu?smmoneorousronim ALL we in In rdssessaou AT ms or RDONAL PROPERTYGIIFJNT IS LISTED ABOVE AND I Allf?x? DISPO81-?v.5REQUEST PROPERTY USTED A8 DE FORWARDED (Chet one[3 con Pnoputy Liutod in column was iomudod on:Ptoporty Lltod I1 Coiuann'DE8'l?ROYED?wn dutroyod on:DATE SIONATIE OF CUDTODIAN DATE SIGNATUREOF OUSTXAN(To be completed upon final dlspatlrion o_/prisoner)DATENADDEENRETLRICD TIC3 DATE IRELEVETIE CUSTODIAN OF ANY FIRTNER REIPONCIBLITY.3d.LoL_bSIGNATURE OF (See reveru side for Withdrawal: andAdii1iotu)DA FORM 1132-R. APR 1986 REPLACES DA roam 11:12. 1 NOV 79. wmcu war as usso uum exmusreoFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00022014APOPEVLDIEXHIBIT Page 14 of 103404 of 150582 LE 8. _o 9 moan.of?: ED own: 2. >52 10.13 .2 .3: (0 805%.. D0 (D3% . $4 I. was w.m82qNWm.Eb. 3% Qt 033233$315.5. 825} gig? #3h. uuC.. . 5384 his! ._soo2.o 652.? was? $05359: 2. uoccao 2.5800 .300 .UoH>9a no: I cuwnm mom 3:3 3 00:13 on Doc: 1 ?g uz_So?.uc__..ouoa in uLoco?~n :0 cola co_auE8?c_ >252. 8. muon?x 4450233.awesome 05sfmup ACCOUNTREC EXP EAL mm-: REC EXPDATE BAL DATE REC EXP BALI nzouzsr THAT PERSONS usma HEREON as APPROVED AS MY AUTHORIZED excar-1? son PRIVILEGED I Do NOT DESIRE TO sewn moron wzcavr MAIL.UNDERSTAND THAT AU. INCONING MAIL WILL NOT BE INSPECTED. SUCH MAIL WILL BE RETURIIED TO THE SENIDERA RETURN ADDRESS IS SHOWN OR HELD FOR ME UNTIL MY RELEASE IF IT CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE SENDER.(lfapplicnble, attach 5x 8 card to ldentIf_yand'reca'dactim taken on al m? delivered to prisoner.)EXCEPT FOR PRIVILEGED CORRESPONDENCE. I HEREBY AUTHORIZE INSPECTION OF ALL OUTGOING ANDDEUVERED INCOMNG MAILNOTE: INCOMING PRMLEGED CORRESPONDENCE MAYBE INSPECTED WHEN CONSIDERED TO INSLRE THE AUTHENTICITYTHE (AR 125-2)DATE SIGNATURE OF ISONER o\ 0 DD Form 499 Reverse, OCT 67 EXHIBIT 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 17 of 103407 of I505ManningB_00O22017MAIL AND CORRESPONDENCE RECORDSTAMQVPINV, MAME. RELAIIONSHP mo Aooas omcouuc mu.or Aumomzco coevzesvouocms (mm: 2? com) (om)Fonn 499, OCT 67 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE.EXHIBIT 3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 18 of103ManningB 00022013 403 '5?5Prisoner Property ShippingTransfer Date:mnmotue, Prisoner Name:Prisoner Last 4 SN: Primag Shipping Address; Secondary Shipping Address:PS8 Official (print rate and name):Prisoner Property MUST be shipped within 7 days of inmate transfer.Date Submitted to Prlsoner Property Coordinator:Date Shipped:Name 7 Signature of Property Coordinator:PS8 001 20100110FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXHIBIT 2Page 19 of 103ManningB 00022019 409 of ?505SIDE FIVEMGI TRAINING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT0 DD FORM 510COVERED UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT AND. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTEmu?EXHIBIT 2FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 20 of 103ManningB_00022020 ?f DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVYTHEATER FIELD CONFINEMENT FACILITY0084-10-CID609 MEMORANDUM FOR COMANDER, Theater Field Confinement Facility (TFCF), CampArifjan, Kuwait.SUBJECT: Acknowledgement of Reading/Retraining the Manual Guidance forInmates (MGI)1. I mg?pivbx 5 have read and/or have beenPrint Last Name, First Name, MIretrained in all subject matter referenced in the Manual Guidance forInmates (MGI) and will agree to abide by the rules and regulations thatare set forth in the MGI.2. I acknowledge that the information contained within the MGI is of asensitive nature and not for public knowledge. The Manual shall not beleft unattended or accessible to unauthorized personnel.3. Loss or disclosure of information contained within the MGI may resultin disciplinary action. I 3| mew. 10:0at (Inmate) Date (Witness) DateFOROFFICIALUSEONLY EXHIBIT 3Page 21 of 103ManningB 00022021 4" Of 15050084-10-CID609SIDE TWOPOST-TRIAL:0 DD FORM 2707 ORIGINAL CONFINEMENT ORDER (MUST BE ORIGINAL)0 DA FORM 4430 RESULT OF TRIAL (OR OTHER SERVICE FORM)0 DD 2329 SCM RECORD OF TRIAL0 DD FORM 458 CHARGE SHEET0 PRE-TRIAL AGREEMENTIOFFER TO PLEA GUILTYQUANTUM (SENTENCE SUMMARY)0 TCSIPCS ORDERS INTO THEATER CHAPTER 10 PACKAGE(35 DD FORM 2707 ORIGINAL CONFINEMENT ORDER (MUST BE ORIGINAL)0 DD FORM 453 CHARGE SHEETQI2 DA FORM 5112 PRE-TRIAL CONFINEMENT CHECKLIST0 43/72 HOUR REVIEWFINDING REPORT- PRE-TRIAL CONFINEMENTORDERSI THIS FILE CONTAINS INFORMATION I COVERED UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT AND Il_ FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT EXHIBIT 1 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 22 of 103ManningB_O0022022 4'2 I505RECEIPT FOR INMATE OR DETAINED PERSON1. aececveo mom (Uni! or Agency and Statioh) 2. rug 3, on;cam? oensrmou moARMY eunoms 2.1 3 I Q0 214 muxre mm: (Lasl, Fry. was) 5. ssu 3. Gunssee BELOW see BELOW see BELOW-7. ononuzanou a. sumo?see BELOW see BELOW9. orrensesee BELOW1o. vazsovw. mopsnwaenw?o av esooars11. REARKSPRISCMER RELEASED IN APPARENT GCXJ3 HEALTH AM) GIIJITTON12. NAK AID TITLE OF ERSON RECENIIG ABOVE INDIVIDUAL 13. SSNjinulr-5/I--V CPL. 08?) 53?lL 4/911 nece~mE_umr on AGENCY AND snnou 13. sue8c, rzca 848? Z: :iFORM 2708, NOV 19999. IIMATES: 3ORGANIZATION: ARIFJAN XTENTION FACSTATION: ARIFJAN DETENTION FACOH-TESES:128-8 ASSALLT: BY BATTERY [1 134-Z OTPER 134 [1 EXHIBIT 3FOR USE ONLYPage 23 of 103ManningB_00022023 4 3 '5?5RECEIPT FOR INMATE OR DETAINED PERSON1. RECEIVED FROM (llrilor Agemy and Sella!) 2. 3. DATECARP ARIFJAN IITENTION PAC (1131 Z11 M17129000, ARMY EUROPE4. NIATE NAE (Last, Hid, made) 5. SSN 8. GRADESEE BELOW SEE BELOW SEE BELOW7. ORGAMZATION 8. STATIONSEE BELOW SEE BELOW9. OFFENSESEE BELOW10. PERSONAL PROPERTYRETAIIED BY ESCUQTS11. REMARKSPRISOIVER REIEASED IN APPARENT G300 FEALTH AM) CGVIOITION12. AND TITLE OF PERSON RECEIVING OVE Il? DUALWm, awe15 RECEIVING OR AGENCY AND STATION5;/Imp A I6. SIGNATURE/flmae. 14. no FORM 2103, NOV 1999 9. IHATES:- IMNNING. EBAQLELESSN:GRA -ORGANIZATION: ARIFJAN CETENTION FACSTATION: CANP ARFJAN DETENTION FACOFFNESES:128-B ASSALLT: BY BATTERY [1 134-Z OTFER 134 [1 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00O22024EXHIBIT 3Page 24 Of1034|4 ofl505 (I CONFINEMENT ORDER1. reason TO es 2. one a. nun (tut, Fm, maul.) ls. MANNING. Bradley E. . 2 20100529c. or senvice a. canine e. nurnnv ORGANIZATOON (Frornl: .Army . E-3 HHC, 2d BCT, lolh NITN DIV (LI), COS Hemmer, Iraq, APO AE 09308TYPE or PR5-THIAL no yes 5. nssuu or run YESc. nesuu as MARTIAL: no was-mpg, 80" sec? [3 cent vecnteo SUSPENSIONa. mu Pnocessuo is IS NOT nsauneo unoen I0 u.s.c. 1585.4. OFFEMSESICHARGES OF UCHJ ARTICLES VIOLATED:Article 128: Aseult Consummeted by e?ettety: Article 134 (18 U.S.C. 9 793: Wrongful of Defense Information)5. SENTENCE ADJUDGED: b. ADJIDGSD DATE8 SENTENCE DEFERRED. TEE DATE DEFERMENT TERKJATED:7. PERSON DIIECTING COOFINEMENTI. TITLE: I). QSNATURE c. DATE 11. w. msenuno crr, AD, Commanding ,2 o|oos29 8.8. Nil?. GRADE. TITLEOF LEGAL REVEW AND VAL L. 6: DA 5D. ooruan CPT. M. Tris! Counsel 201005299a. The above named inmate was examined by me at i on 90100513 and tound to be Fit Unfit- yrfor continement. I certify that trom this examination the execution of sentence to conihementElwill wil not produce serious injury to the inmete'e health.I). The following irregularities were noted during the examination Ilfnane, ea crate):c. HIV Test edministeted on 03 an: '3d. Pregnancy test administered on mm10. exuninen-.1'weo LE: Ii. siennrunz c. on: c. Tuervwmuom .(HJIC. USA 74% on?. we 201? ?'21 7 735'MTN ecem son innuneTOE IMATE nmxo ABOVE HAS RECEIVED son CONFINEMENT AT: c/;mP 0" zezg AND mas: /I-7E?ifry Name anitocarbn;I DO) um}reason IECEPTIIG son INMATE c. sucnnrune: a. oer: .. masTYPEO name. came AND TITLE: nm? are 9- 733 Z?/d ?f3/ V52490 FORM 2707. SEP 2005 Phevious EDITION IS oesouare.HTGDI 7.0FOR OFFICIAL use ONLY I Page 25 of 103ManningB 4'5 ?-505Cu FOR PRETRIAL CONFINEMEN .Foruseofthis form. se AR 27-1 0; the proponent agency is OTJAGNAME GRADE UNITManning, Bradley E. E-3 HHC, 2d BCT, I0th MTN DIV (Ll)AGE ETS TOTAL SERVICE TO DATE22 20l I IOOI 2 Years, 7 MonthsMARRIED WIFEIHUSBAND LOCAL AREA NUMBER OF CHILDRENYES YES EHO D1 EOTHER 9NUMBER OF ARTICLE 15's:DATE OFFENSE PUNISHMENT24 May 2010 Article I28 - Assault Consummated by a Battery Reduction to Private First Class (E-3): and- Forfeiture of $446.00.NUMBER OF PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS: 0TYPE OF COURT DATE ARTICLE PUNISHMENTNUMBER OF PRESENT OFFENSES:ARTICLE DATE DESCRIPTION or OFFENSE (rrAwoL liurn-to. erc..and whether surrendered or apprehended)Article I34 (I8 U.S.C. 793) 28 May 20l0 Wrongful Transmission ofDeI?ense InformationArticle I28 8 May 20l0 Assault Consummated by a Batterythe accused.)PRETRIAL CONFINEMENT IS APPROPRIATE BECAUSE:See attached 72-hour memorandum. dated 29 May 2010..3. There is probable cause to believe an offense has been committed by the accused. {List speci?c reasons why iris believed an o?ense has been byDA FORM 5112. SEP 2002FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00022026DA FORM 5112-R, MAR 85. IS OBSOLETEEXHIBIT 3Page 26 of 103416 0fI505APO PE v1 .01 I b. To ensure the accused's presence at trial. prett. ,aring or investigation. (List speci?c reasons whyit is belles . ..tE accused may not be present andsummarize the conduct of the accused which warrants pretrial con?nement and tends to irdicate the accused is not likely to be rim orinvestigation.)See attached 72-hour memorandum, dated 29 May 2010.To prevent foreseeable serious criminal misconduct including any efforts at obstructing justice. (List speci?c reasons whyitis believed the accused ma commitacts at serious criminal misconduct it not incarcerated, particuiarfy it these acts pose a threat to others, the command or national security, and summarize theconduct of the accused which warrants pretrial con?nement and tends to indicate the accused may commit ihture acts of serious crininaf misconduct.)See attached 72-hour memorandum. dated 29 May 20l0.d. Lesser forms of restraint are inadequate. (List the aftematives that have proven hadequate or summarize the reasons why itis believed such attematabe inadequate.)See attached 72-hour memorandum, dated 29 May 2010.one TYPED NAME. RANK. AND ORGANIZATION OF COMMANDER SIGNATUREMATTHEW W. FREEBURG, CPT, HHC, 2D BCT7 DECISION OF MLITARY MAGISTRATET0: (Addressee(sreviewed the circumstances concerning the continued pretrial confinement of(Date) 1:6 IIAHV NV . Based upon this review. I: (Check appropriate statement)(Name)Determined that continued pretrial confinement ?s warranted.Determined that continued pretrial confinement is not warranted and order hislher release from pretrial confinement.TYPED NAME, GRADE. AND BRANCH OF MILITARY MAGISTRATE SIGNATURE(evils arr?, . DA FORM 5112. SEP 2002 PE ?-91FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Page 27 of 103ManningB 00022027 A 417 1505 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY umreo sures cm? LIBERTY. IRAQAPO AE 0934430 May 2010MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d BrigadeCombat Team, 10th Mountain Division, COS Hammer, Iraq APO AE 09308 ISUBJECT: Military Magistrate?s Conclusions re: Pre-trial Con?nement Review for PFCBradley E. Manning, Headquarters and Headquarters _Company, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 10thMountain Division, COS Hammer, Iraq APO AE 093081. Scope: The scope of this legal review is limited to whether there is probable cause to believethat an offense triable by courts-martial has been committed and that the con?nee committed it,and to determine whether continued pretrial con?nement is warranted because it is foreseeablethat the con?nee will engage in serious criminal misconduct and whether less severe forms ofrestraint are adequate. oreseeability that the con?nee will not appear for trial was not inquestion as both parties agreed he was not ?likely to absent himself.2. Conclusion: I have reviewed the Command?s decision to con?ne PFC Manning, and I havedetermined that continued pretrial con?nement is warranted. In making this determination, Iarrived at the following conclusions:a. There is sufficient evidence to believe that offenses triable by courts-martial have beencommitted.b. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that PFC Manning committed the offenses.c. I do believe that PFC Manning will engage in serious criminal misconduct if released.d. Lastly, there is evidence that lesser forms of restraint are inadequate.3. Signi?cant Factual Findings:a. PFC Manning has a history of documented mental instability and increasingly violentoutbursts beginning 18 December 2009.b. Around June 2009, PFC Manning was counseled for missing formation. In response, heclenched his ?sts, his neck and eyes bulged, and his face contorted. He yelled numerous timesbefore collecting himself.c. PFC Manning was counseled on three separate occasions between 18 December 2009 and20 December 2009 for lateness. During the third counseling, he yelled and flipped a tableFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXHIBIT 3Page 23 of 103ManningB 00022023 4'3 0? '5?5 toward the two supervisors counseling him. The command took the bolt from his weapon,placed him on twenty-four hour quarters watch, and directed a evaluation.d. On 30 December 2009, PFC Manning shoved a chair and yelled during a counselingsession for losing the key to his room.e. On 8 May 2010, PFC Manning struck a female Soldier in the face with a closed fist. SPCJihrleah Shoman was at her desk conducting a search on a computer. PFC Manning becameagitated at SPC Shoman?s actions because he had already performed the search. After pacingback and forth behind SPC Shoman, swinging his arms, PFC Manning struck her in the jaw witha closed fist. PFC Manning was again referred to Behavioral Health. g. On 27 May 2010, CID was noti?ed that PFC Manning is suspected of unlawfullyobtaining and releasing sensitive data, including TS-SCI and CABLE clearance documents. Thiswas reported by a reliable non-govemment intelligence agency.b. On 24 May 2010, a reliable confidential informant provided the agency with credibleinformation that PFC Manning illegally disseminated classi?ed information to severalindividuals over the internet.i. On 27 May 2010, CID executed a valid search warrant, seizing several items, including onepersonal computer, one hard drive from the SIPR computer of SPC Sheri Walsh, on digitalcamera, two SIPR computers known to be used by PFC Manning, and a compact disc with?Secret? markings and labeled ?l2 Jul 07 Chopper Reuters." The disc was discovered in aUnited States Postal Service mailing box, prepared to be shipped.j. A?er assaulting his co-worker, PFC Manning was assigned to a position without SIPRaccess. PFC Manning approached another Soldier about using her SIPR computer to scan andprint documents labeled ?Secret?. PFC Manning told the Soldier he was acting at the directionof his NCOIC. He requested that the Soldier delete the emails and empty the ?Deleted Items?box from her computer. PFC Manning?s NCOIC had no knowledge of the PFC Manning?srequest to scan and print Secret documents.k. During the investigation, PFC Manning was placed under supervision and required anescort; his access to computers and other electronic devices was revoked. With his esconspresent, PFC Manning managed to hand a piece of paper with his email address and password toanother Soldier and asked her to check his email for him.4. Analysis:EXHIBIT 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 29 of 103ManningB_00022029 4'9 Of '505 a. Probable cause. I have accepted the Government's position that there is probable cause tobelieve that a crime has been committed and that PFC Manning committed the crime. It is mybelief that the Government takes these charges seriously and intends to refer this matter to aGeneral Court Martial (GCM), based on the evidence that is currently available. Furthermore, atleast one of the charges carries a maximum punishment that can only be rendered at a GCM.b. Propensity to commit a serious offense. I believe PFC Manning will engage inadditional serious misconduct if released. PFC Manning poses a physical threat to those aroundhim and a threat to national interests. He has an increasing propensity for violence and recentlystruck a female co-worker with a closed ?st. On 22 May 2010 he was characterized by aas a ?moderate? risk to others. A?er a subsequent BHE, dated 28 May 2010, PFCManning was evaluated to be a ?high? risk to himself and others. Additionally, PFC Manningremains a threat to national interests if released. PFC Manning indicated he collecteddeclassi?ed materials for over a year. It is unknown how much information he collected or howthe information is stored. It is highly likely that if PFC Manning is released he will continue tocommit physical acts of violence or leak additional classi?ed information to the detriment ofnational interests.c. Lesser forms of restraint. The conditions on liberty which are necessary to safeguardSoldiers and national security are tantamount to con?nement. PFC Manning must be con?ned under law. His history of violent behavior and the BHE results indicate PFC Manning presents a?high? risk of harming others. There is no way, short of con?nement, to ensure PFC Manning isdenied access to a computer which he could use to release classi?ed information or to ensure thesafety of Soldiers around him.5. A copy of all documents that I considered is attached to the original of this memorandum, andmay be inspected in the of?ce of the undersigned.6. The Government counsel has advised that the anticipated level of disposition is a GeneralCourt-Martial.7. The con?nee and the government were noti?ed by me of my decision and its basis on 30 May2010.KEVIN EYCPT, IAMilitary Magistrate3 EXHIBIT 3FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 30 of 103ManningB_00022030 420 1505 ExhibitsA - 72 Hour Commander?s Review (CPT Freeburg)Con?nement Order (29 May 10)Con?nement Checklist (29 May 10)SA Graham's Supporting Affidavit - Article 15: PFC Manning (24 May 10)DA Form 4856 (17 May 10)Statement: SPC Showman (8 May 10)Statement: SPC Shimm (8 May 10)I May 10)Statement: SSG Taua (8 May 10)- MFR: SPC Schwab (29 May 10)MFR: MSG Adkins(2l Dec 09)MFR: MSG Adkins (26 Apr 10)MFR: MSG Adkins (8 May 10)DA Form (9 May 10)ERB: PFC ManningBHE (22 May 10)R- BHE (28 May 10)PTC Rights Advisement (29 May 10)FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 4 Page 31 of 103ManningB_0O022031 42? ?f '5?5DEPARTMENT or THE ARMYus ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMANDHEADQUARTERS. UNITED ARMY GARRISON. FORT DRUM10000 10'" MOIJNTAIN DRIVEDRUM. YORK 13602-5000ORDER -222-720 10 AUGUST 2009BRIGADE TEAM FORT YORK 13602-5000THE FOLLOWING UNIT ACTION Is DIRECTED: GROUP AND TRANSPORTATIONI ACTION: The above'Orga'IizaIion is DEPLOYED in a- temporary change of station (TCS) as shown below? irisupporr of OPERATION IRAOIFREEDOM and are to return to your permanent station upon completion ofthe duties in support of this operation.-You will submit a reviewedvoucher for this travel to the linance oflice witlin 5 working days alter retun to home station. - . -.. - ASSIGNED TO: BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM UNITED STATES CENTRAL COMMAND AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY (IRAQ-1 OCTOBER 2009 . - DEPLOYMENT PERIOD: "365 DAYS OR UNTILMISSION COMPLETION . - .ACCOUNTING SEE ATTACHED ANNEX FOR ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATIONS - -AVAILABILITY IS CONTINGENT ON CONGRESS ENACTING APPROPRIATIONS-.OR AUTHORIZING OPERATIONS UNDERCONTINUING RESOLUTION)IMCOM ISSUED CONTROL NUMBER: SEE ATTACHED ANNEXCIC: SEE ATTACHED ANNEXMOVEMENT DESIGNATOR CODE: ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: .(A) This is a temporary change of station (TCS). Normal PCS entitiements. alowances and relocation of family members are notauthorized. Consolidated Personnel Polcy Guidance (PPG) for operations Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom is on the DCS. G-1web site: hit . . .rnil I lie not . .(8) Soldiers as authorized 4 dul?e bags-(1) one personal bag, (2) two issued bags of OCIE and 1 standard carry-on bag that meetsAMClCorrtracted Ilights standards. Size maximum 25x42 or Ruck size 15x10x22: with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. When AMC orcontracted transportation is not avalable. reimbursement of authorized checked baggage on commercial weighing more than 50pounds to a max of 70 pounds per bag authorized as excess baggage. Upon redeployment from theater Soldiers issued addtionalOCIE under the Rapid Fielding Initiative RFI) are authorized a shipment of one additional bag not to exwed 70 pounds. if nottransported as pa-t of a Military shipmen Each Soldier will oriy those items speci?ed by the PPG or other mpropriate authority.You wl be provided a of those items from you company. Thls_is the maximum quantity of authorized baggage; however. fewerbags can be taken if Soldier can ?t equipment and personal items into a lower number of dulfle bags. Each dulfle bag must not exceed70 pounds. No footloclrers or commercial suitcases are authorized for movement. Soldier wl Orly those lterns specified inchapters of the PPG. Soldierwi be provided a list of those lterns from mit Commander. Relnbursementof authorized checkedbaggage on cornmerclal liigits weighing more than 50 pounds to a max of 70 pomds per bag authorized as excess baggage.(C) Govemment quarters and dining faciities will be used at the Replacement activity and during deployment. Essential unit mess has -been declared by the Assistant Secret_a'y of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) ASA For? the Iilobilization and Demobilization Sites not to exceed 10) Days. MOSO location wl provide quarters and mess. The lnstalation Commander wil makeseparate determinatiorrs as to the avalabilty of mess and quarters and as a last resort will Issue a Statement of Non-availabilityof Non-availablty. Per Diem payable is $3.00 per day for CONUS and $3.50 per day-for OCONUS. Per Diem wilnormally be paid for the travel to gaining station, or Replacement activity unless prohibited by travel circunstances. (D) For Active Duty Soldiers. basic allowance for housing (BAH) is based rpon permanent duty station. For Reserves and Retied?members called or ordered to active duty BAH is based on their principal place of residence when called or ordered to the tour of activeduty. Pay entitlements will be based on location IAW DODFMR and applicable messages and regulations. (E) Unit is required to submit PERSTEMPO hformation using manifest data. Do not submit departure transactions on unitdeployed. Ensure MDC of Is included.(F) During period of deployment. unit Commander has responsibility for personnel service support to inclI.Ide awards and decorations: UCMJ. and al other forms of personnel and legal administration support except Reserve Component promotionauthority. - - -(G) Temporary storage of HHG may be authorized. at Government expense for period of_conting_ency operations as provided byparagraph U4770-A, Joint Federal Travel Regulation for sings personnel (both AC and RC). Soldier married to another Soldier whenboth are deployed and single Soldier parents when a childcare plan requires dependents to leave the residence. Contact the localtransportation oilice for assistance. This may impact on the authorization for BAH. Storage of one privately owned vehicle may beauthorized. Soldier must contact the sr.Ipporting instalation transportation officer for requirements. Solc?er must complete arrangementsrequiring personal presence. Temporary duty (TDY) household goods weight allowance is authorized for CONUS and OCONIJS basedon personnel that are on active duty for a period greater than 200 days. excluding those areas designated as hostile ?rellmminentdanger pay areas. Contact the lnstalatiorr Transportation Office. Clark Hall, 2d tloor, at 772-6384 for assistance.FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Page 32 of 103422 Of 1505ManningB_00022032 ORDER 222-720 USA IMCOM HO USAG FORT DRUM. NEW YORK 13602-5000, DATED 10 AUG 09(H) Soldier Readiness Processing will be accomplished prior to departue from losing hstallationlhome station as stated in AR 614-30(Overseas Service), AR 600-8-101 (In-Out and Mobilization Processing) AM) DCS, G-1 Personnel Polcy Guidance. if the regulationsconllict. follow hstructlons in AR 614-30 unless otherwise directed by the DOS. G1 PPG. Commander will ensure that the cornpietion of-- the Readiness Processing requirements and Deployment Checklist will be included in every Soldiers Deployment packet. Tlisrequirement includes Soldiers departing on TCS orders individually or_as a unit. Soldier wl hand cary out-processing packet: FiddMilitary Personnel Records Jacket (MPRJ) a long with associated documents. records md deployment packet to the gainingPS0 or depioyrnent activity. Deployment packet must contah docunents as outlined in the PPG. Al Soldiers DD Form 93 and must be reviewed and updated as required prlorto deployment as stated in AR 600-8-1. MPRJ. Medical and Dental records will not beforwarded or carried to theater of operations. ?these records wil be maintained at the servicing home Passports and VISA are not required, however. Soldiers are encouraged to deploy with passport if they curentiy have them.(J) Air travel in conjunction with these orders must be arranged through a Government Transportation Officer.Returning Soldiers traveling commercial under emergency conditions must have a DA FORM 31 annotated that MAC transportation isnot available and is signed by the Transportation Officer in theater.(K) The theater wl publish amendments to wit aid individud orders a Soldier changes that location out of the theater of- operation. Soldiers who have to medically evacuate to Germany for ?Injury or sickness. orders mustbe issued to reflect any locationchanges. if a Soldier is evacuated to Germany for treatment and then further evacuated to CONUS for? additional treatment. the hospitalin Germany must then prblish orders. The immeciiate Command authority who controls the Soldier must publish orders to keep track ofSoldier's movement. in addition to orders. a Line of Duty hvestigation must be Htiated to cover hjuyisickness to ensure Soldiersreceive correct entitlements.(L) The rettm of war trophies to the states is prolirited. Soldiers will not accept SOLDIER for transport to theater Ill?fuse of leave during this deployment is recommended for all Soldiers. A copy of the leave record will be subnitfed upon convictionof this operation during this period with-the ?nal settiernent voucher. if Unable to tame leave during this period. a payment of musedleave is authorized with no impact to career leave sell back of 60 days. FORMAT: 745FOR THE COMMANDEROFFICIAL JAMES A. swoaosCHIEF, MILITARYPERSONNEL DISTRIBUTION(137)CDR. 2D BCT. ATTN: S1. FORT DRUM. NY (1)DIRECT INQUIRIES CONCERNING THIS ORDER TO PERSONNEL SERVICE BRANCH. FORT DRUM. NEW YORK DSN: 772-5631.EXHIBIT 2FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 33 of 103ManningB 00022033 423 ?f '5?5SIDE ONEX1 CSA TRAVEL FORM ONLY)NIT CONTACT SHEETRABBIT CARD IARMY CONFINEMENT CHECKLIST (IF PROVIDED)SENTENCE ESTIMATE (POST-TRIAL ONLY)0 ACIS SENTENCE COMPUTATION (POST-TRIAL ONLY)CUSTODY CLASSIFICATON SHEETERB OR MFR (TRANSFER ONLY)0 MEDICAL I DENTAL OR MFR (TRANSFER ONLY)PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT (DD FORM 2709)EBACKGROUND SUMMARY (DD FORM 2710)INMATE RULESESCORT ID COPIES0 MFR FOR PICK-UP (IF REQUIRED)MFR FOR DISPOSITION (IF REQUIRED)THIS FILE CONTAINS INFORMATIONI II COVERED UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT IEXHIBIT 3 I FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYPage 34 of 103ManningB 00022034 424 1505 TRAVEL DATA Ian Jun. aolaNAME RANKDATEHOME3 Work:WEIGHT: I "7 BIRTHDATE: Iq? Di? '93 '7LOCALEXPIRYDATEOFMIIJTARYID: 20'! OCT Point of Contactvnu ALrT-mg NAMECHECK LIST: A- FOUR COPIES OF OFFICIAL ORDERS (DD FORM - EMERGENCY LEAVES FOUR COPIES OF ORDERS WITH RED CROSS MSG NUMBER. ARMY DA FORM 31 ORAIR FORCE AF 972 FORM.- LEAVE ENROUTE (FOUR COPIES OF ORDERS) IF APPLICABLE- RECEIVED ITINERARY 24 HOURS AFT ER RFSERVATION (WHEN APPLICABLE)- INFORMATION WAS EXPLAINED ABOUT TICKET ETC.- PAY AUTHORIZATION FORM (DD FORM 139 IF NEEDED)TICKET RECEIVED BY (PLEASE DO NOT UNTIL TICKETS ARE PICKED PRINTED NAM DATETickets can be picked up 2 days prior toSIGNATURE Depnrture a?cr I400.(SATO Initials)For Official Use Only Type of Travel: EL PCS TCS ADMILAIR YES NO DATE of ManifestONE-WAY ROUND TRIP COMMERCIAL TICKETS YES NOIF YES: -DEPARTURE DATE FROMDEPARTURE DATE FROM TO DEPARTURE DATE FROM TODEPARTURE DATE FROM TO Authorized port Ticket Cost Cost Difference CSA, Ltd. ITD Form 130.119, Rev 1, 29 Dec 08 FOR OFFICIAL use ONLY Page 35 of 103425 of 1505ManningB_0O022035Inmate Information Sheetone mrwmaooyOGBWQUOGIDBO9mun: (Last, First. MI (AKA)MANNING. BRADLEY HUNGER89289-10-O1HOUSING Froniai ASGKU TFCF-GOLF TENT-108-PMaiden Name FBI Number Sex Age Date of BlahMale 22 1%7I12l17Race Ethnic Group Nationality Religion I-iait Color colorWhite NOT OF HISPANIC UNTED STATES NO RELIGIOUS PREFERENCE BLONO GRAYCon?nement Type Military Service Height Weight CuetodyPRE-TRIAL 01 - ARMY 5? 03' 110 MEDPnsence Statue Secondary Statue Tertlaty StatueIN FACILITY GENERAL POPULATIONPlace 0! Sim:OKLAHOMA CITY, OK UNITED STATESPlace at confinement -cm?--n UNITED STATES CAMP ANFJANNAE 2010/05/31(318) 430-6631sentence Information:Current MXRD: Court Martial Type:MID: DieciggezNO SENTENCE INFORMATIONCharges:Charge Offense Date Age sent. Num PCO128-B ASSAULT: BY BATTERY [1 coum 2010l05I06 22 1 134-Z OTHER 134 [1 201OIO5I28 22 2M03:M03 Code Mos Desctiplion35F SPEICAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES REPAIRERFamily Addtess:rom Date To Date HORNoACIS Inmate hionnaion RJM (201010:/04) pm 1FOR OFFICIAL SE ONLY Page 36 of 103426 of 1505ManningB_00022036 INITIAL CUSTODY 1. one (wvmuoo)201005012. NTERVEWER NAMEEde? C2.0084-4. IDENTFICATIONI. PRISONER (Last. First. I?idle)BRADLEY E.5. ADMINISTRATIVE rncrons (Xas appacaue)I. SUICIDE RISKI). PHYSICAL HEALTH PROBLEM(1. SPECIAL QUARTERSDEED . a. OFFENSE At! 128- Assault consummated by a Battery-1Art 134 Wrongful of Defense hIormaIIon- 2OFFENSE SEVERITY I 1 -8b. SUBSTANCE ABUSEc. PEMJNG CIIARGESIWARRANTSIDETAIAERSNO - 0 YES - (Enter points mom onrensa Severify Scale)(1 IISTORY VIOLENCEQUESTION (2) - YES I 2 - QLESTION (3) - YES 3 4 QIESTION (4) - 3 8 QIESTION (5)-YESIB0. IISTORY OF ESCAPELEQBTH SENTENCE TIME REMANING50TO10YEARS35 1+ T03 YEARS I 2LFEIXATIH8n/a9. TOTAL FONTS7. SCREENING DECISICW (X one)8 BEUUM (0 - 11 Polrls)MAXIMUM (12+ 8. FINAL DECISIONa. OVERREE (X one)NOI). RIITIONALEYES CODE NOT APPLICABLE (Fhlicy)9. OECDING AUTHORITYc. h. DE05'a. A454.10. CUSTODY DECISIONDD FORM 2711. NOV 1999FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00022037Page 1 oI4PagesEXHIBIT 3Page 37 of 103427 of 1505CUSTODY RECLASSFICATION 0084-10-Cl D6091. 2, (xm;Bruce Balfour, CAPT I ocmg?o I I Ao?pem3. toetmncanoua. ntasouen NAME (last, ?rst. Middle) SSN c. RELEASE om?: (wmumo)MANNING, BRADLEY, d. PRESENT CUSTODY 0. HOUSNG UMT Y. REGGTRATION NIIBERMedium, Administrative Segegation Echo - 3 89289-I0-OI4. FACTORS (x as noSUCDERISKHEALTH DENTAL HEALTH PRXEMxx xaVICTINWITKSS NOTIFKIATION PROGRAMa.b.ti. SPECIAL QUARTERSe.f.WAS THERE AN OVERRDE ON LAST S. CLASSI-TCATION CRITERIA (Enterpolm vanes)b. REPORTS (last daysIDTE-0 AKXJERATE-3 HIGH-5 GREATEST-7d. NLIBER OF IEGATIVE SPOT REPORTS (Last 90 days)SEVEN-TEN-4 e. CURRENTPROGRAIMQNGA-0f. FALSE DATA Gd SCREEKQG FORM (kidd Cksl?adal 111nesroustaanv suownAVERAGE-0 pom- +2I. PEIDNG no.0 YES- (Ermrolfalsesevwitycoa)pomsa. -1TOTAL POINTS6. DECISIONa (Xane)I IREDUCE I ISAIK (7-10l?bInts) I INCREASE (11-rPbkIts)a. RATIONALE 20/0inmate has continued to display appropriate behavior. most recently bein found with contraband that could be used to innict self harm He wasfound to have tied a noose in his bed sheet He was evahnted by a and recommended to be on suicide precautiom with watch7. OVERRDEa. (X an)IMO I IVES (Enter code) I I NOT (Polk)!b. 8. DECSIUI. 4 . . I 5 J.-. 9. FACIJTY GRAII. mu 5 11. TU out /05" Or: ./?7?7Zm -1 Memo10. FNAL DECISKDN/174 /gig Ino roam 2711.1, Nov 1999 moewue-nu-n.oFOR OFFICIAL use ONLY EXHIBITLPage as of 103ManningB_00022038 423 0? ?5?532 .3 as.8. 8 an our39:54 593 Oi uu.._E.s BC 504 t0U? GU 20 0< 083 x3>2s 2.29.. 8.. 3.3 zozbmmat ..58.2 (46 8.I..e.w act 5 Swan. 881$?.5. .5. . . .5 lama! .. H. .. 20:03 35? Aw Emu. M. coon. 5 omam an. . . Imam .88.o? 3 I2.ssu 3.IouuMaaimnuwxw, Mons? tomato4. BIIANCII or SERVICEAn some Amv MAIIES COAST ?saves5. MIJTARY UNITHHC. IOTH ATM Dtvt?cs)o. Milrmv usnuumou(es Hammua] FUET Dkom, we7. OF RECORD (City, Staci: ACTIVE WIT M5 DATE 9. DATE ENTHED CURRENT TENnavel uwo Aoomool I0. EID OF ACTIVE DUTY OBLIGATION 11. TOTAL ACTIVE LEMBTI-I SERVCE0! 4 mg;12. KTHOD OF ENTRY (Choose ant):13. I-IIGI-EST PAYGRADE ATTAINED:NITIAI. I I DIECT 14. TE SPECIALTY: 15. USCHARGE REEVEJINKL Avenues-r (1351:)(Try: and Don - NAB18. PRW SERVICE PRIOR BRANCH OF SERVICEI.no I Ives [nuance I Imm I Imvv I Iuwmes I ICOASTGUARD "ml ?Es11. MILITARY AWARDS AM) oecomrnous18. mum scuoots ATTEIIJEDcounse rm: couase tocanou 10. PREVIOUS MIJTARY OFFENSESone or ucnan corruamnmucus is on count mama. on Acnou orreuses mm20. KJTARY PISTORY NARRATIVEI. GEIERAL WLITARY SERVICE BACKORCIJNDDD FORM 2710. NOV 2002FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYManningB_00022042Page 2 of PagesEXHIBITPage 42 of 103432 of I505SECTION 3 - CIVIJAN BACKGROLNDTusront DAIE '20 IO 05' 311. mm (tut. nut. mu? 2 ssu :1 4. cavum eoucAnoIT(ua High Schod, coma, and nu. schodslmu?: mo or scuoou. ASE omoaso gounsreo cairn Mama) -I9 3003 an 3 - I3 ulsx(oceancou.1


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