Title: Two 13 Jan 11 Req to Provide DOD Personnel with Access to class Information

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATES OF AMERICAv.Manning, Bradley E.PFC, U.S. Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base Myer-Henderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 22211Prosecution Response toDefense Motion to Dismissfor Lack of Speedy TrialEnclosure 5010 October 2012 DEPAHTMENT OF THE ARMYU.5. ARMY MILITARY DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON210 A STREETFORT LESLEY J. HCNAIH, Dc 20319-5013- REPLY TOATTENTWN OFANJACL I3 January I ..MEMORANDUM THRU Staff Judge Atlvo .y Military District of Washington. (ANJA), 210 A Street, FortLesley]. McNair, DC Office: of the Judge Advocatc Gt:ncra1 2200 Army Pentagon,Washington, DC 20310FOR Deputy Chief of Staff for intelligence (DAMLZB), 2220f) Army Pentagon, Washi.n-gton, DC2031i] -SUBJECT: Request to Provide Personnel Access to Classi?ed information L13 v. PFCBradley Manning1. The pr0Set:uti0n team in the case of US. v. PFC Bradlev E. Manning requests that thefollowing active: duty service members and civilians be grantcd the appropriate securityclearances and access to classi?ed information up to the TOP SECRET (SensitiveCompartmented information) level to include thetcompartments HCS, and G. Thesaindividuals need such access to participate in the Rule for Courts-Martial 706 Inquiry into theMental Capacity or Mental Responsibility of the Accused and any subsequent court-martialproceeding.21. Prosecution Team(1) CPT Ashdon Fem,-(2) CPT JoDean Morrow,(3) CPT John Haberland,(4) PT Angel (5) SFC Monica Carlile? (6) Ms. Carolyn Autry. Ix De. (1) MAJ Matthew (2) CPT Paul Bombard-(3) CAPT Kevin Moore, USN, Forensic Expert,-cr. Treat-inn Phvs:icia.ns(1) COL Ricky Malone. Clinical Consultant,- SUBJECT: Request to Provide DOD Personnel Access to Classi?ed lnformation US v. PFCANJA-CLBradlev Manninv d. R.C.M. 7061 Board Members (I) Dr. Michael Sweda, Forensic (2) LTC Marla Hemphill, Forensic (3) CPT Samantha Benesh, Forensic e. Article 32 lnvestigglina Officer(1) LTC Paul Alman2a,?2. The above lisl is not all?im:lusive. Throughout the coun-martial process, there will likely beadditions and subtraciians, which will require adjustments in access.3. The point oficomacl for this request is the undersigned a1(20'2) 683~49fl3 orEncls ASHDEN FEINCPT. JAChief, Military JusticePd DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMYu.s. ARMY MILITARY DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON219 A srneer FORT LESLEY J. uctwn. ec 20319-5013I3 January 20! t, 3-M. MEMORANDUM THRU Staff Judge Advo e. US. Army Military District of Washington (AMA), 210 A Street. FortLesley]. McNair. DC 20319Office of the Judge Advocate General 2200 Army PemagomVvushington, DC 2tl3 ll)FUR Deputy Chiefnf Staff for intelligence (DAMI-ZB). 2200 Army Pentagon. Washington. DC2031!}SUBJECT: Request to Provide Civilian Defense Counsel Access to Classi?ed lrtforntation LES v. PFC Bradley Manning1. The prosecution team in the case of U.S. v. PFC Bradley E. Manning requests that Mr. DavidCoombs, ?1 civiliun defense counsel be authorized access to classified. information. Hisinfonnation is us Mr. David CoombsSSN:DOB: I969FOB: Boise, IDCitizenship; United States2. Mr. Coornhs currently represents PFC Manning who is charged with multiple specifications ofviolating Articles 92 and 134, ljnifonn Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Each speci?cation andCharge is associated with the unauthorized downloading and release of classi?ed informationfrom of De classi?ed information systems.3. Mr. Coombs requested access to classi?ed information to properly defend PFC Manningduring the court-martial process Mr. Coornbs holds a DOD granted security clearance with. eligibility up to the SECRET level in his capacity as :1 US. Arm}-t Reserve Officer. Apreliminary classification review of the mental impressions of PFC Manning indicates that Mr.Coorribs needs to be granted the appropriate security clearance and be provided access toclassi?ed information up to the TOP SECRET (Sensitive Cornpartmented lnfonnation) level toinclude the compartments HCS, and G. Mr. Coombs is well aware and willing to submitthe appropriate paperwork and to execute 2: Non-Disclosure Agreement forthis purpose. 0A-C SUBJECT: Request to Provide Civilian Defense Counsel Access to Classi?ed Information US v. PFC Bradlev Manning,4. I support the defense request for access to classi?ed information. In order for Mr. Coombs toproperly defend his client and provide adequate legal representation, he needs access to theabove listed classi?ed information levels.5. The point ofcontact for this request is the undersigned at oriIN.Encls ASHDEN FEINCPT, JAChief, Military Justice


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