Title: Scheduling Order (Court Calendar), 18 Oct 12

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)^)Manning, Bradley E.PFCU.S.Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base MyerHenderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 222II))))))Scheduling Order18October20121. The Court is currently scheduling Article 39(a) sessions with the Ibllowing default schedule atthe request oftbe parties: two weeks lor parties to file motions: two weeks lor parties to fileresponses; five days lor parties to file replies: and one week lor the Court to review all pleadingsbelore the start ofthe motions bearing. The time lor filing replies was added after the first Article39(a) session onI5 16Marcb2012because the Court received reply briefs the day belore tbatsession, the parties desire to continue to file replies, and the Court requires time to consider them.2. Scheduling dates and suspense dates are set lortb below. This schedule was coordinated withthe parties. The trial schedule will be reviewed and updated as necessary at each scheduledArticle 39(a)session.a. ImmediateAction(21 February 2012 I6Marcb 2012)b. Le^al Motions, excIudin^Evidentiary Issues (29 March 2012-26 A^ril 2012)c. Le^al Motions (lOMay 2012 8June 2012)d. Interim Pretrial Motions (2 June 2012 25 June 2012)e. Pretrial Motions (7 June 2012 20 July 2012)f.PretrialMotions(20July20I2 30Au^ust2012)g. Pretrial Motions (24 August 2012 180ctober 2012)b. PretrialMotions (26 September 2012 2 November 2012)(A) Article 39(a): 30October2012-2November 2012(1) Defense Additional witness List ^2 for ArticlelO Motion(A) Witness List: 26 September 2012(B) Government Objections (if any): I6October2012(C) Delense Motion to Compel (if any): 22 October 2012(2) Defense Motion forSpeedyTrial,includingArticlelO(PART I)(A) Filing: 19September2012(B) Response: 10October20121APP^L^^^T^^X^^IBIT^^^I^AC^^^^B^^ER^NCED:^^^^^A^^^^OFPAO^^B^^(C)RepIy: 17October2012(3)Defense Drafting ofPlea Specifications and Notice ofMaximum Punishments(A) Filing: 23 October 2012(B) Response:26 October 2012(4) Defense Interrogatories for SpeedyTrial(A) Date: 26 October 2012(B) Response Irom OCA entities on whether they will respond to questions: 2November 2012(5) Defense MRE 505(b) Notification for Defense witnesses(A) Date: 26 October 2012(6)i^Discussion of Storing all AEsinaCentralized Location(A)Date:30October2012Pretrial Motions (190ctober 2012 2 December 2012)(A)(B)(C)(D)Filing: 19October2012Response: 2November2012RepIy:9November2012Article 39(a): 27November2012(^1300)-2 December 2012(1) Defense Supplemental ^2 for Article 13 Motion(2) Defense Article 13 Motion (Article ^9(a) only)(3)Specifications for Plea and Maximum Punishments Litigation (if necessary)(A) Filing: 5November2012(B) Response: 16November20I2(C) Reply: 23 November 2012(4) Government Response to Defense Interrogatories for SpeedyTrial(A)Filing: 16November2012(5) Defense MRE 505(b) Notification for Government witnesses(A)Date: 16November2012^. Pretrial Motions(16Noyember2012-14December2012)(A)(B)(C)(D)Filing: 16November2012Response: 30 November 2012RepIy:5December2012Article 39(a): 1014December2012(1) DefMotion for Speedy Trial, includingArticle10(PART 2) (Article39(a) only)(2) Defense Supplemental witness List for Sentencing(A)Fi1ing:9November2012(3) Defense witness List Litigations(A) Govt Objection to DefWitnesses (Initial and Supplemental): 16November2012(B) Motion to Compel Production: 23 November 2012(C) Response: 5December2012(4) Government Motion to Compel Discovery (if any)(5) Defense Motion to Compel Discovery ^4 (if necessary)(6) Additional Requests for Judicial Notice(7) Pre^^ualification of Experts(8) Motions/^^/B^/^^ (Supplemental, Including any Classified Information) (ifnecessary)(9) Providence Inquiry^(10) DisclosureofRCM 914 Material (based on Supplemental Govt witness List andDefense witness List)(A)Date:5December2012k. PretrialMotions (7 December 2012-18January 2013)(A)(B)(C)(D)Filing:21 December 2012Response: 4January2013Reply:9January2013Article 39(a): 1418January2013(1) Supplemental Government witness List (if necessary)(A)Date: I4December20I2(2) Production of Compelled Discovery from Defense(A)Date: 14December2012(3) Grunden Hearing for Government Classified Information' This includes litigating the defense expert witnesses listed on the 15 October 2012 filing. The filings will be madeassuming that all charges will go forward as charged." The Defense must also make final forum selection. The prosecution requested the panel be notified no less thansixty days prior to trial, in order to coordinate for extended special duty and travel.(A) Government Notice: 4January20131^ Pretrial Motions (28-29 January 2013)(1) Grunden Hearing for Defense Classified Information(2) Litigation ConcerningMRE 505(b)and MRE 505(i) (if not previously resolved)(A) Filing: llJanuary2013(B) Response: 18January2013(3) Completion of Security Clearance Checks for ^itnesses(as necessary)m.Trial by MJAIone(4 February 2013 15 Marcb2013)Triak4February20I315Marcb2013So Ordered tbis18th day ofOctober 2012.DENISERLINDCOL,JAChief Judge,1^^Judicial Circuit


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