Title: Sources (WikiLeaks release of CIDNE- A records)

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATES OF AMERICAPROSECUTION MOTIONFOR JUDICIAL NOTICEManning, Bradley E.PFC, U.S. Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base Myer-Henderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 22211Enclosure 324 June 2013Defense.gov News Article: ^ tagon Assesses Leaked DocumentsPage 1 of 3United States Department of DefenseSearchTOP LINKSSubscMbeTwitterAFPS BlogsFacebookFllckrPodcastsWidgetsE-MailSecretary of Defense^TOP FEATURESNewsO SHAREAmerican Forces Press ServiceNEWS ARTICLEE-MAIL A COPY | PRINTER FRIENDLY | LATEST NEWSPentagon Assesses Leaked DocumentsBy Army Sgt, 1st Class Mictiael J, GardenAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, July 26, 2010 - The Pentagon today condemned ttie actions of ttie group VWkiLeaks.org, whictireleased ttiousands of classified U.S. military documents on its website last nigtit."The leaking of classified information is somettiing we take very seriously," Marine Corps Col, Dave Lapan, aPentagon spokesman, told reporters today.DEFENSE IMAGERYBiography"We are in the process right now of assessing the documents." Lapan added.PHOTO ESSAYSToday In DoDThe documents, reportedly given to several U.S. and international media weeks ago, are said to detail fieldreports from Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan relationships with the Taliban. The more than 90,000 documentscover the period from January 2004 through December 2009, according to news reports.SpeechesMessagesNews ReleasesPress AdvisoriesPublicationsThe Pentagon has yet to confirm the impact of the reports, as it's still early in the assessment process, LapanTranscriptsPhotosImagery ArctiiveHighlightsPhoto EssaysWeek in PhotosDoD InfoPost 9 / 1 1 GI BillTransferabilityCommunityRelationsStars & StripesRecovery ActSite Map"As they are made available, we will be looking at them to try to determine potential damage to lives of ourservicemembers and our coalition partners; whether they reveal sources in methods and any potential damageto national security," he said. "Since this was just released last night, we're still in the process going through thatassessment."Of the reports the Pentagon has seen, they fall into a category of basic, unit-level reporting, Lapan said."We've only seen a fraction of the documents that are reported to be out there, so until we get a look at all ofthem, we can't know exactly what the extent of the damage may be," he said.Soldiers Conduct Nuclear, Biologicaland Chemical Training in AlaskaARCHVE»* Week In Photos• Military PhotographersIt could take the Pentagon weeks to make such determinations, Lapan said. But much of what the Pentagon hasdiscovered early in the investigation is that the documents are classified at a "secret" level, and not "top-secret,"which is reserved for more sensitive material, he said.The disclosed documents reveal "the type of reporting that goes on at the tactical level on a routine basis," thecolonel said, noting examples such as roadside bomb incidences, civilian and military casualty reports andintelligence and information gathering."There's nothing we've seen so far ttiat is particularly relevant," Lapan added.At ttiis point, he said, the Pentagon is concentrating on the information that's been made public, and is notinvestigating the source of the leak. Lapan explained that any number of military and civilian defense employeeshave access to such documents.Also, the Pentagon is not looking to limit the number of people with access to "secret" material, he said."We have lots of systems in place," Lapan said. "And at the very top of that is the responsibility that those whoare entrusted with access to that type of infonnation protect that from unauthorized disclosure."The Pentagon, however, will eventually attempt to nan-ow dovm the source of the leak, he said. However, Lapancould not disclose vWiether a formal investigation on the matter would take place."As we've said, we put a great deal of taist and confidence in individuals not to betray their oath to their country,"Lapan said.COMMENTSArticle is closed to new comments.The opinions expressed in the folloviring comments do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department ofDefense.;IiI•IIIi7/27/2010 2:09:20 AMThis story does not serve to inform the public that Coalition partners are making some progress given the constantdanger I SAP is facing in Afgtianistan. If the founder of Wikileaks.org, a former hacker, really wanted to inform then whynot show both sides forthe Coalition's past mistakes and success'? The young women of Afghanistan have schoolstoday that they didn't have under the Taliban as a result of hard I SAP wori(. The long hours the instructors have beenputting in to buikt a National Police and Army from the ground up. It will a change from the inside out. the Afghans allchoosing person by person to take charge of their country then they will drive out the Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters outof Iheir country to improve Afghanistan from a pre-9/11/01 to a stable sovereign nation. Lastly, I wonder what Wikileaksfounder would think, lo have his secrets, such as how he get ahold of this information, exposed to the world he loves toshare with? Informing or privacy violations?- Mictiael Villacres, Queens, NYhttp://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=601656/23/2013Defense.gov News Article: ^ tagon Assesses Leaked DocumentsPage 2 of 37/26/2010 5:42:23 PMDear friends, Pleas accept this email just as one support information and don't need to be published, 1 would like toinform you that files are available for download and they are in Exel files. If there is any way that we can support or helpyou in any other way from here related to the above mentioned topic: like collect them and send you back, pleas do nothesitate to contact me. I am ready to slay days and nights in your disposal. This I see as small contribute for you guy's asgive back for everything you have done for Kosovo until now. God bless USA!- Concerned Kosovar, KosovoMain Menu•••• HomeToday in DODAbout DODo LeadersO BiographiesO OrganizationO MissionO Frequently Asked Questionso Available iobs with DOD• Top IssuesO AfghanistanO Sexual Assault PreventioriO Wamor Careo Cvber SecurityO Defense Strategic Guidance• Nev/so DOD News PageO Today in DODO News ReleasesO Press AdvisoriesO Newfs TranscriptsO PublicationsO SpeechesO Casualty Status (PDF)O ContractsO Casualty ReleasesO Special ReportsO AFPS Articles• Photos/VideosO The Pentagon ChannelO t-ead Photo ArchiveO Photo Essayso News PhotosO Week In PhotosO Defenselmaqerv.milO VideosO DOD/Militar/ SealsM'l'tary/PpP WebsitesO U.S. ArnivO U.S. Marine CorpsO U.S. NawO U.S. Air ForceO National Guardo U.S. Coast GuardO All DOD SitesO Military/DOD Social Media SitesO Register A SiteO Unified Combatant Commands• Contact UsO Frequently Asked QuestionsO Website FeedbackAdditional Links• HomeToday in DODAbout DODTop Issues• News• Photos/VideosMilitarv/DoD Websites• Contact Us••••••Inspector GeneralPrivacy & SecurityLink Disclaimer• Recovery Act• FOIA• USA.qov• No FEAR ActPlain Writing Act of 2010••••Join the Military• CareersWeb Policy• Websitesstay ConnectedRSS Feedst^odcastshttp://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=601656/23/2013Defense.gov News Article: ^tagon Assesses Leaked DocumentsPage 3 of 3l/Vidqels:M30D Live Blogj^^jljkTwitterItto"LMORE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES .http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=601656/23/2013Wikileaks publishes Afghan^r secrets - ABC News (Australian Bro? ' "sting Corporati...ABC N E W SPage 1 of 3j|Wikileaks publishes Afghan warsecretsUpdated Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:41pm AESTThe White House has attackedonline whistleblowing siteWikileaks after it publishedsome 200,000 pages of secretAmerican military files aboutthe war in Afghanistan.The files, published online byThe Guardian, the New YorkTimes and Germany's DerSpiegel, include details of 144incidents in which Coalitionforces have killed civilians.The Guardian says the leaksshow that troops killed hundredsof civilians in previouslyunreported incidents.PHOTO: Secret war: Wikileaks has published some200,000 pages of secret American military files aboutthe war in AfghanistanRELATED STORY: US sailors still missing inAfghanistanEXTERNAL LINK:Visit the Wikileaks websiteMAP: AfghanistanIn one example cited by theBritish paper, French troopsfired at a bus full of children,injuring eight.A US patrol was involved in a similar incident that wounded or killed 15passengers, and in 2007 Polish troops fired mortars at a village, apparently in arevenge attack, killing guests at a wedding party which included a pregnantwoman.http://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-07-26/wikileaks-publishes-afghan-war-secrets/9199286/23/2013Wikileaks publishes Afghar^r secrets - ABC News (Australian Bro? 'sting Corporati...Page 2 of 3According to the New York Times they also "suggest that Pakistan, anostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service tomeet directly with the Taliban."Describing the talks as "secret strategy sessions," the newspaper said they"organise networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers inAfghanistan, and even hatch plots to assassinate Afghan leaders."The Guardian says the files revealed a secret black-ops unit which hunts downTaliban leaders for "kill or capture" without trial; how the US covered upevidence of surface-to-air missiles acquired by the Taliban; and how theTaliban have caused growing carnage with their roadside bombing campaign,killing more than 2,000 civilians to date.US national security adviser James Jones says the publication of thedocuments puts the lives of soldiers and civilians at risk."The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified informationby individuals and organisations which could put the lives of Americans and ourpartners at risk and threaten our national security," he said in a statement."Wikileaks made no effort to contact us about these documents - the UnitedStates government learned from news organisations that these documentswould be posted."Much of the information is not new, but what has angered officials inWashington is the detail and the scope ofthe information.The New York Times said it, along with the Guardian and Der Spiegel, hadreceived the leaked material several weeks ago from Wikileaks, a secretiveweb organisation headed by Australian Julian Assange.The news organisations agreed to publish their reports, based on the files"used by desk officers in the Pentagon and troops in the field when they makeoperational plans," on Sunday."Most of the reports are routine, even mundane, but many add insights, textureand context to a war that has been waged for nearly nine years," the Timessaid in a note to readers describing the leaks.http://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-07-26/wikileaks-publishes-atghan-war-secrets/9199286/23/2013Wikileaks publishes Afghanrsecrets-ABC News (Australian Bro?sting Corporati...Page3of3"Overall these documents amount to a real-time history of the war reportedfrom one important vantage point - that ofthe soldiers and officers actuallydoing the fighting and reconstruction."- ABC/wiresTopics:unrest-conflict-and-war, world-politics, terrorism, afghanistan, pakistan, united-statesFirst posted Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:33am AESThttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-07-26/wikileaks-publishes-afghan-war-secrets/9l99286/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence of W? "-imes in Afghan Docs - CBS News• CBS IS pwm.com , C'RS E\tning NCTH * < BS This M.iminti ' 4S Hinrr^ * Mt MinuK-< • Sum! in M.iniin!-•••Video•US•World•Politics•EntertainmentFacr th* Naliun•HealthPage 1 of 7•Mo ney WatchSclTecti••CrimeSports»CBS/AP/ July 26, 2010,7:57 AM•More'Log InWikiLeaks: Evidence of War Crimes in Afghan DocsWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Monday he believes there is evidence of war crimes in the thousands of pages of leaked U.S. military documents relating to the warin Afghanistan.The remarks came after WikiLeaks, a whistle-blowing group, posted some 91,000 classified U.S. military records over the past six years about the war online, includingunreported incidents of Afghan civilian killings and covert operations against Taliban figures.The White House, Britain and Pakistan have all condemned the release of the documents, one of the largest unauthorized disclosures in military history.Wikileaks Reveals Grim Afghan War RealitiesReport: Pakistan Aidiim Afulian InsurueucvAssange told reporters in London that "it is up to a court to decide really if something in the end is a crime. Tliat said ... there does appear to be evidence of war crimes inthis material"Assange compared tlie impact of the released material to the opening of the East German secret police archives. "This is the equivalent of opening the Stasi archives," hesaid.The documents cover much of what the public already knows about the troubled nine-year conflict: U.S. special operations forces have targeted militants without trial,Afghans have been killed by accident, and U.S. officials have been infuriated by alleged Pakistani intelligence cooperation with the very insurgent groups bent on killingAmericans.WikiLeaks posted the documents Sunday. The New York Times, London's Guardian newspaper and the German weekly Der Spiegel were given eariy access to the records.Wliite House national security adviser Gen. Jim Jones said the release "put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk." In a statement, he then took pains to point outthat the documents describe a period from January 2004 to December 2009, mostly during the administration ofPresident George W. Bush. And, Jones added, beforePresident Obama announced a new strategy.Pakistan's Ambassador Husain Haqqani agreed, saying the documents "do not reflect the current on-ground realities," in which his country and Washington are "jointlyendeavoring to defeat al Qaeda and its Taliban allies."The U.S. and Pakistan assigned teams of analysts to read the records online to assess whether sources or locations were at risk.Pakistan's powerful spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, said Monday that the accusations it had close connections to Taliban militants were malicious andunsubstantiated.A senior ISl official said they were from unverified raw intelligence reports and were meant to impugn the reputation of the spy agency He spoke on condition ofanonymity in line with the agency's policy.Hamid Gul, a former head of the ISl who is mentioned many times in the documents, also denied allegations that he'd worked with the insurgents.Assange said his group also had many more documents on other subjects, including files on countries from across the globe."We have built up an enormous backlog of whistleblower disclosures," he said. "We have in this backlog ... files that concern every country in the worid with a populationof over 1 million "He refused to go into detail, but said the information included "thousands of databases and files about all sorts of countries."Assange said that he believed more material would flood amid the blaze of publicity."It is our experience that courage is contagious," he said. "Sources are encouraged by the opportunities that they see before them."0 2010 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.Popular on CBSNews.comGhost army: How a tiroiip of artists helped win WWIIDuriniz WWII, the United States employed a "diost anny" of artists, designers and audio technicians to usesights and sounds to conl'use the enemy.http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-202_162-6713548.html6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence of Wa ''-imes in Afghan Docs - CBS NewsPage 2 of 7One year after Afghan massacre, villagers work with U.S, troops One year after U.S. Staff Sm. Robert Bales was accused of slaughtering 16 Afghan civilians, theviHaulers in the town where the atrocity took place have joined the U.S. special forces stationed there to assist in the fight against the Taliban.Video shows woman tossing perceived rival off clilTHong Kong: Edward Snowden has left for third coiintrv217 CommentsEdward Snowden lands in MoscowWestern Canada luider water 16 PhotosNine toun'sts killed bv militants in PakistanHoly cap! Hats of the Royal Ascot20 PhotosU S -Taliban peace talks stalled, hope fadinuPutin makes offer to replace Patriots Super Bowl rintz29 Comments Add a Commentlinkicon reporticon emailiconOverruled! says:My Posting was removed between last night and now.1 broke noraleswith my posting.It seems I may be on the right side of facts of the US rogue government.We have been betrayed and lied lo from every administration since WW2,(Pentagon Papers), now Wikileaks has courageously exposed the lies.I am considering not posting on CBSNEWS.COM ever again...This is shameful since I have as much right to the 1st amendment as anyone.I will be seen instead joining a new political affiliation since we cannot trast either of the dominant parties in power I may just step aside and move away from thisdicing country.Along with my missing post is the replies to it and my response to them.Shame on the US Government, shame on CBS, shame on you all for allowing our country to be taken so easily without repercussions.The constitution has been used as tissue paper for too long.Wikileaks has worked to inform us of the facts, not the lies we've been accustomed to believing see you on the front.replylinkicon reporticon emailiconzoeymaddy says:not to beat a dead horse,but you are so righl,if the president of the imited states,or the vice president could be so callous as to leak valenes name as a get back to herhusband,WHAT else are they capable of politics was always politics but ever since2000,it has been don't cross me or question what i do or did or you will pay.i dobelieve the previous administration should be very closely investigated and if they did wrong they must pay!!!!!replylinkicon reporticon emailiconbabooph says:The dependency on the centrally & fully controlled "news" in the States broke down a bit here-there is also foreign news "adapted" by the propaganda system thatreally shows how the US public is brainwashed.replyhttp://www.cbsnews.eom/2100-202 162-6713548.html6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence of Wa- ^-"imes in Afghan Docs - CBS NewsPage 3 of 7linkicon reporticon emailiconpinchebill says:tlME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE. THIS WAR IS SAME SAME VIETNAM. A TOTAL LOSS OF LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS. THEIR DEATHS IS FOR WHAT?OH YOU SAY THE SURGE WORKED IN IRAQ, YEAH RIGHT WE ARE NOT OUT OF THERE YET AND WHEN WE DO LEAVE IT WILL BE INDEFEAT. STILL HAVE NOT FOUND THEM WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.YOU ALL ARE CRYING ABOUT OUR ECONOMY AND NATIONAL DEBT. MONEY IS BEING WASTED ON UNNECESSARY WARS. WHY DO WESTILL OCCUPY GERMANY? WHY ARE WE IN KOREA? WHY ARE WE STILL JAPAN? YET WE NEED ROADS, BRIDGES, DAMS, AND INTER CITIESREPAIRED. WE HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED.OH YEAH YOU RIGHT THE WARS PROVIDE JOBS FOR THE UNDERTAKERS.WHEN I REGIEVED THE BRONZE STAR I WAS TOLD THAT IT AND A QUARTER WOULD GET ME A CUO OF COFFEE. I AM ASHAME OF THESERVICE I GAVE THIS NATION AND HOPE THE LORD WILL FORGIVE ME.replyzoeymaddy replies:linkicon reporticon emailiconi may be wrong but since that fateful day of September 11,2001,and it came out alquida and bin laden was responsible for it i thought our first target should havebeen saudi arabia.this being that most of the evildoers were from there.oh but wait OIL was in saudi arabi.yes afganistan HAD a major role in it,and i had nomajor qualms goin there.my one problem was GI george and ensign cheney couldn't wait to get into iraq,so thus we fabricated information,dropped theball,bragged about riding the worid of the taliban,lied cheated and stole just to get into iraq.i do believe that OUR government committed war crimes and itmakes me sick to think that,but if they did,then yes they SHOULD be brought up on war crimes charges.so if this leads to the Irath then i say thank-you yo thebrave men,and or women who finally had the guts to bring this out in the openlinkicon reporticon emailiconnoloyalisti says:This is just like the last illegal, immoral and unnecessary occupation in Vietnam. Wliat do we expect people when we let rich, greedy big corporations take over thecountry to ran it for their own profits?The best thing to happen is for the masses to see what war is really all about since the military-industrial complex is hiding it from its people,replylinkicon reporticon emailicontalkaboutit says:I was against the war from the beginning, but like every war all will never go well. Tlie White House should look into a breach of National Security with vtolatng theright of WikiLeaks. This person can't be concerned about the country, if so he would have only released certain info. His ASS should be locked up.replynoloyalisti replies:linkicon reporticon emailiconCall Congress to tell your rep not to approve any more funding for the occupation. Except to get them home now.linkicon reporticon emailiconibsteve2u says:A few problems, here...There is the technology issue...just because somebody can make big bucks selling the g'ment and the military technology that has more functionality than a teletypedoesn't mean that it is wise to permit technology with more functionality than a teletype if the additional technology is not necessary to get the job done. Those hardand removable dn'ves appear to be...problematic.Then there is the personnel issue ..1 wonder, for example, if security would be any better if the professional leakers in the Pentagon were identified and eliminated?You see, I often wonder if the increasingly sloppy security exhibited over the last few decades can be traced back to political scum (in or out of uniform) who feel theneed to ensure that information that passes before their eyes "could" have leaked somewhere else.That strikes me as being particulariy likely in light of a recent Administration whose culpability in the intentional leaking of a covert CIA operative's name was justbarely concealed.When such behavior comes from the very top...and involves individuals who had been in our government for so very long...years spent grooming allies and pawns,demanding and gaining allegiances. . .decades of carefully selecting who would be promoted based upon the behavior that the latter could be expected to exhibit andtolerate...Well, it is all too easy to believe that the last Administration and/or their carefully-chosen-for-the-right-"politicaI allegiances" appointees and/or their favorites in themilitary authorized and ordered some counter-productive actions that may very well have been criminal.After all, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, and has routinely stuck our country with the bill in the past...Shame, though, that so very many have to pay that bill,replylinkicon reporticon emailiconhatshepsut2 says:Sorry, my mistake. The redoubtable 22-year-old "analyst" Julian Assange is with Wikileaks. I feel more secure, already. Let's see, where was he five years ago? Well,at least now he can "analyse" the Christopher Columbus myth and inform us on that issue.replylinkicon reporticon emailiconraoulz says:why is everyone so afraid to know the truth??. ..and to my knowledge, pakistan or Irak or Afganistan never attaked the US, so what is the point of these wars?Wars are fought when peoples are attacked.but if not..they why do you go to war?..The US policies around the worid are "Equivocadas".. a seven year old kid could make better forcing policy than the US and that is sad.replyhttp://www.cbsnews.eom/2100-202_l 62-6713548.html6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence ofW^ crimes in Afghan Docs-CBS NewsPage4of7linkicon reporticon emailiconchoiceshaveconsequencessays:It may be trt^e that there is no reason to doubt this material, but that isn't the way we operate in this country. Maybe in Australia, one is guilty until proven otherwise,but here, in America, we tend to follow the code that proof precedesafinding of guilt,and we must be presented withareason,not to doubt but,to believe.Unsupported, undifferentiated raw materials that have not been subjected to scratinyorvalidationortestsofreliability or credibility and cross referenced with othermaterials are the stuff of grocery counterrags, not journalism ofthe American tradition.It isasmall difference, but we like it.Those of us who remember it.As forthe notion that when one rag publishes something, others will follow inasign of courageous reporting, you'dthinkagtty from Australia would knowalittlemore afx^ut the courage of sharks duringafeeding frenzy.replySee all 29 CommentsScroll LeflScroll RightI^os^^t^pol^^0^Hong Kong: EdwardSnowden has left for thlicountry21536 cicu'.s-0^Fans of Paula Deen taiFood Network0^Wing walker's plane oral ^,04Daredevil to attempt crojgorge near Grand Canv(05Food Network won't remPaula Deen's contract15601 uicwsat Dayton Air ShowI ime Liin.se: Biiildliii; Hic world's largest shin14898 views13426 views13295 viewsplayVideoThousands of Chinese lanterns mark summer solsticeBoxer makes himself at homehttp://www.cbsnews.eom/2100-202162-6713548.html6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence of W? "'"•imes in Afghan Docs - CBS NewsPage 5 of 7Watch: Deaf 3-vear-old hears lor first time•lim Gaffigan: Stand-un dadScroll LeftScroU RightMan Cheats Credit Score1 simple trick & my credit score jumped 217 pts.Banks hate this!www.thecredilsolutionprogram.comPublic Arrest Records1) Enter Name - Search For Free, 2) Get ArrestRecords Instantly!lnstantCheckMate.comInternational DevelopmentMichael Simsik - Chief of Operations, Africa RegionRead!www.worIdwiclewhoswhoreleases.comMost SharedWing walker's plane crashesat Dayton Air Show677 sliaresHong Kong: EdwardSnowden has left for thirdcountry589 slmresThe popularity of "MommyPorn"536 .'ilmresPaula Deen's Food Networkcontract won't be renewed353 sharesMassiye bee die-off inOregon city promptsinvestigation from wildlifeexperts?l?f'wrw"The Lone Ranger" premierehttp://www.cbsnews.com/2100-202_162-6713548.html6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence ofWa ^imes in Afghan Docs-CBS NewsPage 6 of 7World's Ugliest Dog Contest 2013Walmart artPhotos oi'the weekMost Discussedoc-f2 ^Paula Deen's Food Networkcontract won't be renewed/jQQFans of Paula Deen targetFood NetworkQf-yd^J.White House: "We expect"Hong Kong to comply withSnowden extraditionr^AQHong Kong: EdwardSnowden has left for thirdcountry135George Zimmerman trialwon't include experts sayingTrayvon Martin screamed on911 callCBS NewsCBSNews-coniC BS InteractiveSite MniiPnviicv PolicyFacebookHelpMobile User AerccmcmRiiS(dimeI UsAbout CBSEmail NcwslcHcn;Video Site Maphttp://www.cbsnews.eom/2100-202 162-6713548.htmlCopy ri gin c 21)13 CBS Inicracinc Inc..Ml rights rcscncd6/23/2013WikiLeaks: Evidence of Wa- '"'-imes in Afghan Docs - CBS NewsI CBS BIOS• Ad\crlisc• YouTubc' £MSSIi• no».tl ( nnl.oi.Liiii. t HS Miihile' llllemMlina• ( BS RndmNews' Dinclonniciil Pmcram,• COS LiKalhttp://www.cbsnews.eom/2100-202 162-6713548.htmlPage 7 of 76/23/2013


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