Title: Combined Judicial Notice (w/ highlights), 1 Jul 13

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: UNITED STATESOF AMERICAY^Combined Judicial NoticeManning, Bradley E.PEC, U.S.Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,JointBaseMyerHendersonHallFort Myer, Virginia 22211lJuly2013I . MERITSA. The Court took judicial notice of the following adjudicative facts for the merits:1. Army Regulation (AR) 25-2, paras 1-4, 1-5, 3-3, 4-5, 4-16, 4-17, and Figure B 1. SeeAppellate Exhibit (AE) 288; AE 248.2. AR 380-5, paras 1-20, 1-21, 1-22 and Chapters 2, 4 (Section 1), 5 (Sections I and V),and paras 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 7-4, 8-3, and 8-12. Id.3. AR 530-1, paras 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, and 2-1. Id.4. 18 U.S.C. §793(e). Id.5. 18 U.S.C. §1030(a). M6. 18 U.S.C. §641. M7. Executive Order (EO) 13526. M8. Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Id.9. July 2011 Information Paper by HQDA DCS, G-2, Initiatives Group (DIG). See AE288; AE 233, Attachment A.10. Commander's Handbook Distributed Common Ground System - Army DCGS-A,March 30, 2009. See AE 288; AE 233, Attachment B.11. EO 12958. See AE 472.12. EO 12972. Id.13. EO 13142. Id.14. EO 13292. Id.15. AR 25-1, paras 1-1, l-7(a) and (b), and 6-1 (d)-(t). See AE 582.APPELLATEEXiUBYlSj^PAGE REFERENCED:PAGEOFPAGES16. AR25-2detinitionof^^Intormation System."17. Depariment ofDefense Regulation 5400.11 R, Appendixland the detinition of^^Personal Information."18. That thel3October2010classitication assessment by RADM Donegan exists andthat RADM Donegan gave this assessmenLThis inlormation is admissible as an admission ofapariy opponent under MRE 801(d)(2)(D), given he was acting in his ofticial capacity as Direct ofOperations, CENTCOM,when he made the classitication assessment and that the assessmentstates t^cts inconsistent with the Stipulation ofExpectedTestimony of C^5 John Larue at PE117^^^AE582The pariies stipulate that Enclosure2toAE 57419. The audio transcript for PE 15.is an accurate transcript ofthe audio in PE15.20. David Finkel'sbook^^The Good Soldiers" was published prior to the alleged leaks inthis case. ^^^AE 28821. David Finkel'sbook^^The Good Soldiers" exists. AE 356. The Court will takejudicial notice the dateofpublication, and the provided excerpts. AE356. Comparisonsbetween Mr. Finkefs book and conclusions to be drawn trom the comparisons are properlypresented to the fact tinder by the pariies not by the Court. The request to take judicial noticethat the book quotes the video verbatim at several key points is denied. AE356. Linkages,argument, and legal conclusions regarding the contents ofMr. Finkefs book and the audio in thevideo are properly presented to the tact tinder by the parties. ^^^AE288.22. WikiLeaks and various news organizations began publishing purported DepartmentofState diplomatic cables over the weekend of27-28 November 2010. ^^^AE472.23.Onl9January2010, the Department ofState listed ^^alQa'ida in the ArabianPeninsula" (AQAP)asatoreign terrorist organization. Since that date,AQAP has been anenemy ofthe United States. ^^^AE472.24. Usama bin Laden wasamember of Al-Qaeda(AQ) and an enemy of the UnitedStates^^^AE47225. Adam GadahnisamemberofAQand an enemy ofthe United States. i^^^AE472.26. There has been consistent and extensive media coverageofthis case. ^^^AE283.27B^ikiLeaks releasedavideo titled ^^CollateralMurder"on5April 2010^^^ AE 582.28.WikiLeaks released more than390,000 records trom the Combined Inlormation DataNetwork Exchange(CIDNE)Ira^ database on 22 October 2010.29. wikileaks released more than 75,000 records trom the CIDNE Atghanistan databaseon25 July 2010^^30. WikiLeaks released more than 700 detainee assessments produced by JointTaskForceGuantanamo(JTFGTMO)on25 April 2011 .^^31. WikiLeaks releasedamemorandum produced by the Army CounterintelligenceCentertitled^^^ikiLeaks.org^An Online Reference to Foreign Intelligence Services,Insurgents, orTerroristGroups7"onl5March 2010.32. The monthly base salary for Servicemembers at the rank ofSpecialist,E-4,was^I,502 70in2003,^l,558 20in2004,^l,612 80in2005,^l,662 90in2006,^l,69950in2007,^I,758 90in2008,^l,827 60in2009,and^l,88970in2010 7^33. The yearly base salary tor government employees at the grade o f l 2 o n the GeneralSchedule(GS)scalewas^51,508 in2003;^52,899in2004;^54,221 in2005,^55,360in2006,^56,301 in2007,^57,709 in2008, ^59,383 in2009,and^60,274in2010 7^34. Thanksgiving of2009 occurred on 26 November 2009.35. The term ^^.is" is the top level internet domain oflceland. 7^36. Johanna Sigurdardottir was the Prime Minister oflceland tromFebruary2009-May2013 7^37. Ossur Skarphedinsson was the Icelandic Minister tor Foreign Aftairs trom February2009-May2013.7^38. Alberi Jonsson was the Icelandic Ambassador to the United States 2006-2009. 7^.39. BirgittaJonsdottir has heenamember ofthe Icelandic parliament since 2009. 7^.40.On or about 25 November 2009,^ikiLeaks published what it claimed to be text andpager messages sent onllSeptember 2001. Judicial notice does not extend to the content ofthemessages or that the messages are actually t^omll September 2001. 7^.41.On 25 July 2007,Reuters madeaFOIA request to DoD tor video and audiorecordings relating to the deaths ofMr.Namir NoorEldeen and Mr. Saeed Chmagh, Reutersjournalists. CENTCOM responded to the Reuters request on24 April 2009.B. The Couri will takejudicial notice on the merits, conditional on the tollowing:1. ThatLTC Lee Packnett was quoted inaNew^ork Times ariicle,datedl8March2010. In this instance,judicial notice is conditional upon relevance andanonhearsay or hearsayexception usage. ^^^AE472.2. ThataNew^orker protile of Julian Assange, titled ^^No Secrets: Julian Assange'sMission torTotalTransparency"exists and was dated7June 2010. In this instance, judicialnotice is conditional upon relevance andanon-hearsay or hearsay exception usage. 7^.3. Julian Assange was located in Iceland in February of2010and working on theIcelandic Modern Media Initiative. ^^^AE472. In this instance, judicial notice is conditionalupon relevance.4. Army Field Manual2-0 ^^Intelligence." ^^^AE472. In this instance,judicial noticeis conditional upon relevance.5. Army Field Manual2 19.4^^BrigadeCombatTeam Intelligence Operations." 7^ Inthis instance,judicial notice is conditional upon relevance.6. Army Field Manual2 22.2 ^^Counterintelligence." 7^. In this instance, judicial noticeis conditional upon relevance.7. Army Field Manual2 22.3 ^^Human Intelligence Collector Operations."instance,judicial notice is conditional upon relevanceIn this8. Army Soldier'sManualandTrainer'sGuide for Intelligence Analysis MOS 35F,Skill Level 1^2^3^4. 7^. In this instance,judicial notice is conditional upon relevance.H. PRE SENTENCINGA. For presentencing proceedings, the Couri took judicial notice ofthe tollowing:1Public L a w l l l 258.2. That the Advanced Ace, Advanced Analytical, Capability Joint Urgent OperationNeed Statement, MGMichaelTFlynn, Deputy Chief ofStaffIntelligence2July2010exists.^^^AE288;AE233,AttachmentC3. That the letter regarding global knowledge management datedl9July2010tromthree members ofCongress to the Chairman and ranking members ofthe House AppropriationsCommittee exists. ^^^AE288;AE233,AttachmentD.4. That the letter to the Chairman ofthe House Appropriations Committee trom COLPeter A.Newell,Director, Rapid E^uippingForce, dated 28 July 2010, exists. i^^^AE288;AE233, Attachment E.5. That the letter to COL Newell trom members ofCongress GabrielleGiftords andAdam Smith, dated25August2011,exists. ^^^AE 288; AE 233, AttachmentF.6. That the letter from Adam Smith, Congress member, to General Dempsey, dated 23May 2011,exists^^^AE 288; AE 233, AttachmentG7. ThataDeparimentofDetensenev^s Release entitled ^^Statement by Pentagon PressSecretaryGeoffMorrell and Special Envoy tor Closure of Guantanamo DetentionFacilityAmbassador Daniel Fried",dated24 April 2011,exists and that Mr.Morrell made thesestatements. The statements are admissible under MRE 801(d)(2)(D). ^^^AE356;AE316.8. Thata^hite House release entitled ^^Remarks by the President Alter BipariisanLeadership Meeting",dated 27 July2010, exists and that President Obama made thesestatements. The statements are admissible under MRE 801(d)(2)(D). 7^.9. Thataletter to Secretary Roberi Gates from Carl Levin, dated 28 July2010, exists.10. Thataletter to Carl Levin trom Roberi Gates, datedl6August 2010, exists. Thestatementsare admissible under MRE 801(d)(2)(D)and MRE 803(8)(A)11. Thatanews release entitled ^^DOD News Brieting with Secretary Gates and Adm.Mullen trom the Pentagon",dated 30 November 2010, exists and that Secretary Gates madethese statements. Admissible tor non hearsay purpose as public statements made by governmentofticials that provide circumstantial evidenceofminimized damage cause by the allegedwikileaks disclosures.12. That Department ofState-published remarks entitled ^^Remarks with I^azakhForeignMinister Saudabayevatter their Meeting",datedlDecember 2010, exist and that SecretaryClinton made these statements. Admissible for non hearsay purpose as public statements madeby government officials that provide circumstantial evidenceofminimized damage cause by thealleged wikileaks disclosures. 7^.13. William Leonard, Director oflntormation Security Oversight Otfice ofthe NationalArchive, statements, dated 22 March 2007 given at the 2007 House Committee on HomelandSecurity Hearings.14. Damage Assessments exist. ^^^AE472.15. The OfticeofNational Counterintelligence Executive, the Information ReviewTaskForce, and the DeparimentofStates created or compiled their respective damage assessments onthe noted dates. 7^16. The Depariment ofState damage assessment is the most current version and isadratt.7^B. For pre-sentencing proceedings, the Court will takejudicial notice, conditional on thetollowing:1. Court will take judicial notice of the tindings in Section2ofPLlll 258 to thedegree they are relevant. Suchjudicial notice would be the adjudicative tact that Congress madethe tindings(that Congress believed over-classiticationwasapotential issue and passed thislegislation^which contains notjust tindings but specitic statutory initiatives to address thatissue), not that the tindings by Congress are adjudicative t^ct. Thus, subject toademonstrationof relevance, the Court will take judicial notice of the existence o f P L l l l 258,to include theCongressional tinding in Section 2, the date ofintroductionofH.R. 255 and the date the law wasenacted. The Court will not take judicial noticeofthe truth of the matter asserted i n P L l l l 258as adjudicative facts. AE481.2. The 22 March 2007 testimony ofMr. Leonard is admissible under MRE 803(8)(A), ifrelevant. 7^. The key assertion cited by the Detense, that trained government classitiers onlymade ^^clearly" correct classitication decisions 64 percent ofthe time was based on an ofticialaudit. (^^In an audit ofagency classitication activity conducted by my otfice approximately oneyear ago,we discovered that even trained classitiers,with ready access to the latest classiticationand declassitication guides, and trained in their use, got it right only 64 percent ofthe time inmaking determinations as to the appropriateness of classitication.").3. ThataUPINe^sTrack news story entitled ^^Clinton on Leaked Documents: So^hat7",dated4December 2010, exists. In this instance, judicial notice is conditional onarelaxation ofthe rules. i^^^AE 356;AE316.4. ThataNew^orkTimes news story entitled ^^From^ikiLemons,Clinton Tries tomake Lemonade",dated4December 2010, exists. In this instance, judicial notice is conditionalonarelaxation ofthe rules. 7^5. ThataCNN news story entitled ^^Clintom^ikiLeaks Cables Show Diplomacy at^ork",dated4December 201,exists. In this instance, judicial notice is conditional onarelaxation ofthe rules.6. That an interview described on MSNBC entitled ^^Biden on Start,^ikiLeaks" exists.In this instance, judicial notice is conditional on the detense providing the Court with the date ofthis interview. 7^.


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