Title: Stip of Expected Testimony (Yovanovitch)

Release Date: 2014-03-20

Text: (b) (1) (B)UNITED STATES OF AMERICASTIPULATION OFEXPECTED TESTIMONYv.Manning, Bradley E.PFC, U.S. Army,HHC, U.S. Army Garrison,Joint Base Myer-Henderson HallFort Myer, Virginia 22211AMB Marie Y ovanovitchJ7 June2013(U) It is hereby agreed by the Accused, Defense Counsel, and Trial Counsel, that ifAmbassador (AMB) Marie Yovanovitch were present to testify during the merits and presentencing phases of this court-martial, she would testify substantially as follows.I. (U) The United States Department of State (DoS) is led by the Secretary of State. There aresix Under Secretary Offices that work for the Secretary of State. One of those Under Secretariesis for Political Affairs. The Under Secretary of Political Affairs serves as the day-to-daymanager of overall regional and bilateral policy issues. The Under Secretary of Political Affairsoversees seven bureaus which are headed by Assistant Secretaries. Those bureaus are AfricanAffairs, European and Eurasian Affairs, East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Near Eastern Affairs,South and Central Asian Affairs, Western Hemisphere Affairs, and International Organizations.The Assistant Secretaries of the geographic bureaus and offices advise the Under Secretary andguide the operation of the U.S. diplomatic missions within their regional jurisdiction. They alsodetermine and implement policy. Each bureau has a Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary(PDAS) and several Deputy Assistant Secretaries (DAS). The PDAS is the lead DAS, all ofwhom assist theA/Sin the development and management of U.S. policy concerning the Bureau.The DAS's review all paperwork, background information, disciplinary issues, and policydirectives.2. (U) I am the Acting Assistant Secretary (AA/S) and the PDAS of the Bureau of European andEurasian Affairs. I have been the AA/S for European and Eurasian Affairs since March 2013. Ihave been the PDAS for European and Eurasian Affairs since September 2012. Before that, Iserved as the Bureau's DAS responsible for issues related to the Nordic, Baltic, and CentralEuropean countries from June 2011 to September 2012. From 2008 to 2011, I was theAmbassador to the Republic of Armenia. An Ambassador is the President's representative thatmanages employees and relations with that country. From 2005 to 2008, I was the U.S.Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. Before that, I was the Executive Assistant for U.S. Political Affairsfrom 2004 to 2005. From 2001 to 2004, I was the Deputy ChiefofMission (DCM) of the U.S.Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2000, I attended the Navy War College (NWC). From 1998 to2000, I was Deputy Director of the Russia desk. From 1996 to 1998, I worked in Ottawa at theU.S. Embassy. From 1993 to 1996, I worked at U.S. Embassy Moscow. From 1992 to I993, Istudied Russian at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). From 1991 to 1992, I worked at theOffice of European Security Affairs. From 1990 to 199I, I worked in the Operations Center,which is the nerve center ofDoS. From 1988 to 1990, I worked at the U.S. Embassy in London.From 1986 to 1988, I worked at U.S. Embassy Mogadishu. I have been with DoS since 1986. Ihave a Master's of Science from the NWC. 1 am also a graduate of Princeton University where Iearned a Bachelor's of Arts in History and Russian studies. I have briefed Congress on(b) (1) (B)PROSECUTION EX!!lrliT ll"'for identificationPAGE OFFERr\D:FiiCil~Ai)l'vllTTED:PAGE_ _OF_____i•;\(3ES~·'"~(b) (1) (B)European and Eurasian Affairs because of my expe1tise on European and Eurasian Affairs. I alsospeak Russian.3. (U) The Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs develops and implements U.S. foreignpolicy in Europe and Eurasia. The Bureau promotes U.S. interests in the region on issues such asinternational security, NATO, coordination with the European Union and other regionalorganizations, support for democracy, human rights, civil society, economic prosperity,counterterrorism, and nonproliferation. The countries are our oldest allies and they are platformsfor handling issues all over the world.4. (U) The embassies communicate what is occurring in the host nations through many differentmeans. Issuing a cable is an official communication by the Embassy or organization. Typically,the Ambassador or Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) sign off as the originator on the cablesbecause they are in charge of the embassy or organization. Generally, cables are issued tosummarize meetings and note significant events in the host country, and often contain theanalysis and comment of the author. The cables are issued with distribution captions that, tovarying degrees, limit who can see them. One of those captions was SJPDIS. The SIPDIScaption indicated that a cable was approved for SIPRNET distribution for access byappropriately cleared individuals U.S. Originators can limit distribution through other captionssuch as STADIS, which would limit distribution to DoS personnel only, or limit distribution tothe addressee of the document with a NO DIS caption.5. (SBU) The first cable is 10 Reykjavik 13.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)2(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)9. (SBU) The next cable is 06 Belgrade 1681.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)3(b) (1)(B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)13. (SBU) The next cable is 06 Madrid 2955.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)17. (SBU) The next cable is 06 Madl'id 2956.(b) (1) (B)5(b) (1) (B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)21. (SBU) The next cable is 06 Pristina 947.(b) (1) (B)6(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)25. (SBU) The next cable is 06 Pristina 948.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)29. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Ankara 23.(b) (1) (B)8(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)33. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Ankara 2468.(b) (1) (B)9(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)37. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Bratislava 665.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)41. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Minsk 1024.(b) (1) (B)(b)(1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)45. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Moscow 5824.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)12(b) (1) (B)(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)49. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Moscow 5825.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b)(1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)53. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Paris 4722.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)14(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)57. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Paris 4723.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)61. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Reykjavik 203.15(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)65. (SBU) The next cable is 07 Vilnius 13.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)69. (SBU) The next cable is 09 Paris 217.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)73. (SBU) The next cable is 09 Prague 88.(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)77. (SBU) The next cable is 09 Pristina 58.(b) (1)(B)19(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)81. (SBU) The next cable is 09 State 92632.(b) (1) (B)20(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)85. (SBU) The next cable is 09 State 92657.(b) (1) (B)21(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (2)(b) (1) (B)89. (SBU) The next cable is 10 Brussels 382(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)22(b) (1)(B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)93. (SBU) The next cable is 10 Geneva 347.(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)23(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)(b) (1) (B)//ORIGINAL SIGNED//ANGEL M. OVERGAARDCPT, JAAssistant Trial Counsel//ORIGINAL SIGNED//THOMAS F. HURLEYMAJ, JAMilitary Defense Counsel24(b) (1) (B)//ORIGINAL SIGNED//BRADLEY E. MANNINGPFC,USAAccused


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